5 Best Goal and Habit Tracking Apps for iPhone

Coming up with habits and goals is a pretty easy task. All of us have things we’d like to accomplish eventually, but all too often we become overwhelmed with lofty goals and ultimately give up. Keep yourself from getting discouraged and stay on track by checking out this list of the 5 best goal and habit tracking apps for iPhone.

Rare Candy - Epic Habit and Goal Mastery - Gamify your life to 10000 hours
Rare Candy - Epic Habit and Goal Mastery - Gamify your life to 10000 hours
by 16 users


My personal favorite, Rare Candy is an app that I use pretty much every single day. Instead of turning habit and goal tracking into a chore, Rare Candy makes it a fun game. If you’re familiar with the RPG game genre, then you know that most games require players to level up their character by gaining experience.

This awesome productivity app is no different, and users are encouraged to complete different tasks in order to level up their character and unlock additional goodies. Plus, users are encouraged to work on tasks and goals beyond eating healthy or working out more. In order to keep your character alive, you have to work on tasks that are good for both body and mind (health and mana).

Rare Candy is perfect for users who want a goal and habit tracking app that’s actually fun to use. If you’re concerned about price, there’s a free version of Rare Candy so you can try before you buy.

Habit Streaks: Create Good Habits, Break Bad Ones.
Habit Streaks: Create Good Habits, Break Bad Ones.
by 125 users


If simplicity is what you’re looking for, Habit Streaks is a free iPhone app that’s definitely worth taking a look at. This ultra simple app features a very clean interface and gesture driven controls to help you keep tabs on everything you’d like to track.

Habit Streaks also features reminders for those users who tend to be a bit forgetful about keeping track of habits and logging them. Users can also take advantage of flexible scheduling options, personalized themes, and even detailed stats for each habit.

If you’re looking for a habit tracker that’s very simple to use and gets right to the point, Habit Streaks is a free app that’s worth taking a look at.

Way of Life - Habit Tracker
Way of Life - Habit Tracker
by 3648 users


No list of the best goal and habit tracker apps for iPhone would be complete without including Way of Life. This app is been featured in pretty much every major publication imaginable, as well as too many app review sites to count. It has received tons of praise, which is certainly deserved considering how fantastic the app is.

Way of Life is for serious users who are dead set on making and breaking habits. The app goes beyond simply logging your progress by providing in-depth insight into you as a person so you can easily spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an app that’s hell-bent on making sure you stay on the right track, Way of Life is a must. The app itself is free to download, and there’s a premium upgrade of $4.99. Personally I think it’s worth every penny, especially if you’re incredibly serious about improving your lifestyle.

Goal Streaks
Goal Streaks
by 20 users


Similar to Habit Streaks, Goals Streaks takes a visual approach to making sure you stay on the right track. The app uses a calendar to give you a visual reference of how well you’re doing as far as keeping up with your goals.

Whether you want to make sure you brush your teeth every day or work out at least three times a week, Goals Streaks supports any kind of goal you can think of. Your duty is to make sure you don’t break the streak by missing a day.

Those who want a great visual way to simply keep track of tasks will definitely enjoy Goals Streaks.

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Another one of my personal favorites, Balanced takes a different approach to keeping users motivated and on track. This goal and habit tracking app focuses more on your overall well-being by encouraging you to take time for yourself.

One of my favorite things about Balanced is that it includes a ton of different goals, which is perfect if you don’t quite know what to improve upon. From taking time to call a friend to taking a risk or watching a foreign film, Balanced covers pretty much every aspect of your life.

If you’re not quite sure what you can improve upon, but you know you want to work toward something in order to make yourself better, Balanced is a must-have app.

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