5 Free Reddit Apps for iPhone

Best described as an online bulletin board system, Reddit is an amazing platform that brings people together.  These 5 free Reddit apps for iPhone bring the platform to your mobile device for easy navigation so you’re always up to date on the latest posts.

BaconReader for Reddit
BaconReader for Reddit
by 1283 users


“The easiest way to Reddit is now available for iOS! BaconReader has loads of free features with remarkable speed and responsiveness, allowing you to enjoy your content however you want it.

With features like enhanced search, follow friends, subreddit explorer, bookmarking and direct picture uploading with draw capabilities, you’ve got all things reddit, in one easy and tasty place: BaconReader.

Join the BaconReader community at r/BaconReader for the latest news and updates on BaconReader features and release plans.”

This item is no longer available. (id:572391252)

“Antenna’s unique ‘swipe from anywhere’ navigation makes browsing on your iPhone or iPad quick and easy

• Never ending reddit style page loading
• Post actions: upvote, downvote, comment, save, hide, open in web browser
• Full reddit markup support with embedded links
• Collapsable comments from anywhere in the comment tree
• Easily identify original posters comments
• Embedded youtube, image, imgur album, and gif viewer
• Recently viewed posts
• Multiple login support
• Share to email, twitter, facebook & readability
• Comments sort and limit options
• Passcode lock
• Spoiler text support
•And more!”

This item is no longer available. (id:802676924)

“The best Reddit client for iOS 8. Read reddit the way you’ve never experienced before, and it 100% FREE

• Best UI design
• 6 color themes available
• Night mode
• Ultra image browsing experience
• Save images to camera roll
• Submit posts to reddit
• Search for subreddits and posts
• Messaging
• View, edit and reply comments”

narwhal for reddit
narwhal for reddit
by 11573 users


“Narwhal is a fast, gesture-based application to browse all of reddit. All of these features were designed from the ground up specifically for iOS:

– View any and all subreddits
– A seamless experience to see a link and its comments at the same time
– Voting on posts and comments through a simple swipe
– Hide and save links to your reddit account
– Add new posts to your favorite subreddit
– View all of your orangereds
– What are you waiting for!? It’s free, go ahead and download!

This item is no longer available. (id:596236434)

“Redditor is the perfect iphone/ipad client for viewing reddit.com.

– Simple swipe gestures, possible one hand operation even for 6+.
– Beautiful UI with eight different color schemes, and night mode.
– Awesome image viewer that can zoom/pan gifv movie as image; tilt to reveal more.
– Download animated gif/gifv/gyfcat as movies to local photo album.
– Submit new post, reply comments, and upload images directly your iPhone.
–  Easy to work with multi-accounts.
– Fully supports multi-reddits, including add/delete/modify.
– And much more!

Honorable mention: Alien Blue

This item is no longer available. (id:923187241)

“Enjoy the best and most entertaining content on the web with Alien Blue, the official reddit client!

• Browse all of reddit, including funny pictures, original stories, and news
• View images and video seamlessly with touch-to-preview
• Upvote the best content to help it rise to the top
• Subscribe and participate in subreddit communities centered around your interests
• Submit your own comments, links, and stories for others to view and discuss
• Upload images directly to Imgur when posting or commenting
• Use night mode for easy reading in the dark
• Be notified of new messages from your reddit inbox
• View websites using the integrated “Readability” reader from Arc90″

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