5 Great Journal and Diary Apps

Technology is fantastic, but it’s so easy to lose touch with the “simple things” nowadays. Writing in a journal used to be a daily ritual for me, from pages and pages of thoughts to simple notes. Though Facebook statuses and tweets might seem sufficient, sometimes you need a safe and comfortable place to “let it out”.¬†Here are 5 of the best iPhone apps and iPad apps for journaling.

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“**2014 Mac Apple Design Award Winner** *2012 Mac App of the Year* Award-winning journaling app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac: 2011 #1 Best Apps of Mac App Store, and Jan 2012 App Store App of the Week.

Record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling your life a simple pleasure. ”

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“Keeping a private diary / journal has never been so easy. Momento helps you privately capture your daily activities, thoughts, ideas and photos, and combines them with your activity from social networks to create a complete and unified timeline of your life.”

iDream - Dream Interpreter
iDream - Dream Interpreter
by 10 users


“iDream is the all-in-one application to help you decode your dreams.

We have thousands of dream meanings from abandonment to zebra.

Every type of dream is covered with this application.”

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“As seen in USA TODAY, Good Morning America, the John Tesh Show, Mac World and more!


Write down five things you are grateful for each day and your life will change forever.”

iMoodJournal - Mood Diary
iMoodJournal - Mood Diary
by 147 users


“This beautiful app is an ultimate mood journal, personal diary and charting tool. It will help you discover causes of your ups and downs, and get surprising insights into yourself!”

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