A-Maze-In for iOS Features 100+ Levels, Boss Fights, and Tons of Fun

One of the problems I frequently encounter while reviewing games is not being able to put my iDevice down once I start playing. Pretty soon I’ve found that I’m spending way too much time playing and not enough time reviewing. A-Maze-In is one such game, and this incredibly fun game for iPhone and iPad is definitely addicting.

Basically the goal of A-Maze-In is to guide the main character, Mino the Minotaur, through a series of mazes in order to save his precious princess from the evil Minotaur king who kidnapped her. Mino must navigate and battle his way through over 100 unique mazes and 11 unique enemies, all of which hail from Greek mythology.

Each maze has three goals to complete, and each goal will earn players a star for that level. However, you have to collect the gate key before you can finish the maze. To control Mino, players must use the directional keypad on the screen.

In order to advance through A-Maze-In, you’ll have to earn a certain number of stars before continuing on. Naturally mazes get progressively difficult, but Mino will collect potions to help him defeat encounters.

Mino only has three hearts for each maze, and running into an obstacle or enemy will cause him to lose a heart. Hearts can be replenished by consuming bones found within the maze. Bones also help to increase your score, so try to pick them up even if you’re at full health.

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If you happen to fail a maze, you’ll lose a life. Lives gradually replenish over time, but players can optionally purchase lives immediately via the A-Maze-In in-game store.

I was truly impressed with the level of detail in A-Maze-In, as well as the awesome soundtrack. Unlike many other games, A-Maze-In doesn’t distract players with cheesy music and sound effects.

Also, A-Maze-In includes a few strategic elements. You’ll have to help Mino dodge obstacles such as spikes, boulders, and flame throwers. Mino also has powerful abilities which he can use on his enemies, such as breathing fire and breaking wind to stun them. Personally I like this humorous element, as it gives players a good chuckle and helps them enjoy the game even more.

Players who love to collect achievements will have a blast obtaining each of the 40 achievements available in A-Maze-In, from killing enemies to defeating bosses.

Lastly, the A-Maze-In in-game store features a few useful upgrades, such as increasing the number of hearts for each level and additional max lives. Users can also buy potions in bulk, as well.

Though A-Maze-In is supported by ads, I didn’t find them to be incredibly intrusive. They’re only visible on the level select screen, and users can optionally disable them with a $0.99 in-app purchase.

Overall, I think A-Maze-In is an awesome game that will keep players entertained for hours. It features tons of content, plenty of strategic elements, and a bit of humor. I definitely recommend A-Maze-In if you’re looking for a fun new game to try.

A-Maze-In requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review

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