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Do you want to boost your downloads and get the word out about your latest iPhone or iPad app?

There are well over 1 million apps on the App Store. In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, developers must work hard to actively promote their iPhone and/or iPad apps. An app review is a great way to receive valuable feedback on your app, as well as publicity.

App review services we offer:

– Written iPhone/iPad app review: $20

– Written & Video review: $45  **Awesome Value!**

If you’d like to have a news article published for your app or game instead, click here!

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By purchasing an app review, you’re helping to support and sustain iOS App Lists so we can continue to publish content, keep the site free of annoying ads, pay the bills, and cover operating costs.

Why choose iOS App Lists?

– iOS App Lists is an established site and has been live for over two years. During that time, our audience has grown to 10,000 targeted visitors per month and is increasing exponentially on a regular basis. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

– App reviews are published within 5 days of payment. It’s not unusual for reviews to be published within 24-48 hours (at no extra charge).

– Full publicity of the review posted to tens of thousands of Facebook page fans, Twitter followers, our Google+ page, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr.

We want to help make your app/game better! We provide feedback directly to you, the developer, if there’s a critical issue with your app before publishing our review. We also provide suggestions for feature improvements, etc.

What you’ll receive with purchase of a written review:

– A comprehensive and unbiased review of your iPhone/iPad app or game. Our app reviews are written by a professional iPhone and iPad app reviewer with over five years of experience. This review will never be removed from the website unless requested by the app’s developer.

– Multiple links to your app in the review, as well as a dofollow link to you, the developer.

– Do you want to share a few promo codes for your app or game? No problem! We’ll gladly add promo codes to the bottom of your app or game’s review.

– If your app doesn’t receive a rating above 3 stars and you don’t want it to be published, we will withhold publication until issues are addressed and resolved.

For examples on what a review of your app by iOS App Lists will look like, please see a list of our published reviews.

What you’ll receive with purchase of a written/video review combo:

– A full-length written review of your app or game (see above) published here on the site with the video embedded in the review – see example.

– An in-depth video review of your iOS app or game that’s roughly 5 minutes in length and covers topics such as design, features, and more. The review is published to our YouTube channel.

– App footage is captured directly on the device, so audio is clear and video is bright and easy to see.

– Publication to over 800 subscribers (and rapidly growing). We’re always working very hard to promote our YouTube channel across the web.

– Promotion of the video to over 10,000 Facebook fans, 30,000 Twitter followers, and more.

– Videos routinely receive over 1,000 views within the first few days of being published. We work very hard to make sure the world sees your app or game in action.

– Video reviews ordered by developers are not monetized on YouTube.

Please check out our YouTube channel for examples of video reviews

To submit an app review request:

To purchase a written/video app review combo via PayPal ($45) – Click Here

To purchase a written app review via PayPal ($20) – Click Here

If you choose to complete payment directly through PayPal, please return to this form and submit details about your app. Please include your PayPal address, as well, to avoid any mixups.

If you’d rather have a PayPal invoice sent to you, please fill out the app review request form below. Once received, we’ll send an invoice to the email address provided. Please note that the invoice will be canceled if payment is not received within 7 days.

Please visit the Contact Us page if you encounter any errors while submitting an app review request.

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Lastly, we do not accept refund requests for reviews that receive a poor rating or few downloads.