CASE Is an Incredible iPad App for Speech-Language Pathologists

CASE – Comprehensive Adult Speech-Language Evaluation, developed by Comprehensive Application Solutions, Inc., is an iPad app for speech pathologists that not only allows them to easily keep track of patient data, but also administer comprehensive evaluations in a well-organized and efficient environment.

Not only is the iPad a great tool for entertainment, but it’s steadily gaining popularity in professional fields. This is especially true for medical professionals who are using the iPad as a way to evaluate and treat patients both efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately one of the generalizations made about medical apps is that they’re too complicated to use because they contain so many features. Luckily this isn’t true for CASE thanks to a very organized and streamlined interface.

To start using CASE, open the app and create your therapist profile. This profile will contain your name, certifications and numbers, and a four digit passcode to protect the app and patient data.

Once your profile is complete, you can begin adding patients. This is an even simpler process, as you need basic information like name, date of birth, and gender.

It’s recommended that therapists add patients when meeting with them because there’s a comprehensive patient evaluation page that lets the therapist ask the patient questions regarding personal history.

Once the patient profile is created, CASE really opens up thanks to a generous number of evaluations that therapists can conduct. There are 10 different areas to test, and each area contains many subtopics. Therapists can easily build a custom evaluation and conduct it right on the iPad.

On thing I do want to mention is that each evaluation costs one credit. When you first download CASE, you have one free evaluation credit to use. Additional credits can be purchased in the settings menu.

Personally I think this “pay as you go” method is a great way for therapists to avoid overpaying for a medical app that they may or may not use on a regular basis.

Once the patient evaluation is complete, CASE allows therapists to easily add notes to the evaluation results, as well as sign the evaluation report for credibility purposes. Reports are easily accessible, which is definitely important for organizational purposes.

When it comes down to it, CASE is a cutting-edge speech pathology app for iPad that will likely serve as an invaluable tool for therapists who want to effectively integrate iPad use into there practice.

The price is definitely right when it comes down to a $0.99 download, and you only have to pay per evaluation.

CASE – Comprehensive Adult Speech-Language Evaluation requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review

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