Keep Your Schedule Organized With These Exceptional iPhone Calendar Apps

Whether you’re looking to keep track of holidays, birthdays, appointments, gatherings, and more, having a reliable calendar is a must. These useful calendar apps for iPhone will help you stay on top of important events.

Google Calendar: Get Organized
Google Calendar: Get Organized
by 110866 users
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“Get the official Google Calendar app for your iPhone or iPad to save time and make the most of every day.

• Different ways to view your calendar – quickly switch between month, week and day views.

• Events from Gmail – flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more are added to your calendar automatically.

• Tasks – create, manage and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar.

• Video Conferencing – easily add Video Conferencing to Calendar events.

• Quick event creation – Smart suggestions for event titles, places and people save you time when creating events.

• All your calendars in one place – Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud.

Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.”

Allcal - Your Club and Events
Allcal - Your Club and Events
by 230 users
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“Easy to use, low-fee ticketing and shared calendar service. Create unlimited types of calendars, events and add tickets. Zero cost to create free tickets. No contracts, no set up fees and get instant payouts.

Promote and sell tickets on your site, post to social media, standalone ticket purchase page and through the app. We provide all the tools to make this simple.

Here’s how Allcal can help you sell more tickets and create the best schedule for your event.

Easily live stream an event from your phone and all participants of the Event are notified and can view the live stream. Up to 4 streams can be created and seen at the same time for different perspectives of the Event. All functions are currently Free. Live streams can be created and viewed from all our platforms including our web Monitors.”

Timepage by Moleskine Studio
Timepage by Moleskine Studio
by 14170 users
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Timepage is a revolutionary smart calendar that is effortless to use. It makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one easy app.

Beautiful Design:

• Uncluttered, stunning design that let’s you see a whole week at a glance and scroll into the future to see what’s next.

• Fully adjustable week calendar to show between five and ten days.

• An intuitive month heatmap that instantly shows when you are busy and free.

• Personalize your calendar with authentic Moleskine theme colors.

• Apple Watch app with weather, useful travel time complications and glance.

Plan Your Day:

• See beautifully animated temperature and rainfall forecasts for the day so you know what to wear and how to get around.

• Never be late again! Timepage automatically gives you travel time estimates to walk, cycle, drive or catch public transport to your events.

• Timepage will give you helpful hints like “2 hours free after this event then Gym at 6pm”.

• Widgets for weather and events, so that essential info is always a swipe away.”

BusyCal: Calendar & Tasks
BusyCal: Calendar & Tasks
by 3022 users
$9.99 - View in App Store


BusyCal is a powerful, flexible calendar app for managing busy schedules, events and to dos.

BusyCal’s unique features include customizable calendar views, integrated to dos, meeting scheduling, travel time, maps integration, natural language input, tags, alarms, search, weather, moons, birthdays, anniversaries, graphics and more.

BusyCal provides reliable support for iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365, and other CalDAV servers, enabling you to sync and share calendars with other Macs and iOS devices running BusyCal or the built-in Calendar app.

BusyCal for iOS is a full-featured mobile companion to BusyCal for Mac, the leading calendar solution for Mac OS X that thousands of users have trusted and depended on for years.”

TimeTree: Shared Calendar
TimeTree: Shared Calendar
by 43621 users
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“Sharing allows everyone to view the same calendar and add new events. TimeTree keeps you all in order with who’s doing what and when.

You can also create multiple shared calendars in TimeTree! Whether it may be amongst family, friends, couples, and coworkers, or just for personal use, our app is adapted to meet various situations for both social and personal lifestyles.

Key Features
・Invite new members via E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and more.
・Create and edit events for all members.
・Set a different color for each member or activity.
・Chat and add photos as if you were using a messenger app for each event.
・Deliver reminders to everyone in the group.
・You can sync your calendar with other calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook etc).”

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