LetterPop Is a Word Game with Tons of Potential, but There’s a Downside

LetterPop offers an alternative for those who are looking for a word game other than Words with Friends. Unfortunately the major limitation with this game is the fact that you have no choice but to connect it to Facebook, which will likely be a turnoff for quite a few people.

If you’re familiar with the classic game Boggle, LetterPop is somewhat similar. Essentially you have three rounds to make up the longest word you can before the challenge is sent to your opponent. This is accomplished by tapping the letters on the screen and forming the word, then submitting it for approval by the game’s built-in dictionary.

You only have 90 seconds for each round, so there’s plenty of time to play around with letters and figure out the longest word you think you can make with them.

The same letters you have for your turns are also sent to your opponent, so there’s no advantage in having different letters for each turn.

Overall, it doesn’t take much time at all to find your way around LetterPop, which is great for players who just want to pick up a new word game and play.

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One of the really nice things about LetterPop is the fact that it’s very easy to see your current games that are in progress the on the main screen. You can also tap on games that are in progress and see the words you’ve made.

I have to say that LetterPop would make an incredibly fantastic alternative to Words with Friends if it wasn’t for the mandatory Facebook connection. Even if you do decide to connect your account and you opt to limit what the game can access, you’re stuck with playing random users if you choose not to let the game access your Facebook friends.

If you’re not hesitant about connecting your Facebook account with LetterPop, this is definitely a word game that’s worth checking out.

However, I really do wish there was a way to just create an account (or even just a username) so you can play with friends who aren’t on Facebook.

LetterPop requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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