nRadio Offers a Customizable Internet Radio Experience for iOS

Created by Andreas Finstad, nRadio is a revolutionary radio app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to easily customize the interface and browse thousands of radio stations from around the world. Extensive customization options really help to set the app apart from other streaming radios.

I’ve tried countless streaming radio apps on my iPhone, but none of them ever stuck. This is likely because there is a major feature missing or the interface was clunky and difficult to navigate. As someone who uses their phone as their primary music player and commutes to work, having a decent radio that’s able to do what I wanted to do is a necessity.

nRadio is a very powerful radio that definitely delivers on its promise to provide the user with a customizable experience so they can make the app their own.

When it comes to the interface, nRadio provides an incredibly simple layout that makes it easy to surf stations, share which are listening to, and adjust volume. One of the really cool features that’s included in nRadio is the on-screen speedometer, which will display if you’re traveling fast enough.

This is an awesome feature for commuters like myself who might want to listen to the app while driving, as it provides useful information.

Though I stumbled across many features in nRadio while conducting my review, the one feature I found that sets the app apart is the option to import your own radio stations by providing the stream link.

This means that broadcasters who aren’t big enough to have their own radio station can still maintain an audience. Plus, it lets you customize the app even further.

Providing listeners with thousands of radio stations across the globe is no simple task, and the one suggestion I have for nRadio is a further breakdown of radio stations for countries with provinces or states, like the US.

This would make it easier to find a local radio station for a particular region. An option to browse radio stations by genre would also make it easier to find something to listen to.

Overall, nRadio is an awesome streaming radio app for iPhone and iPad that includes tons of features and lets you customize to your heart’s content.

Regarding the $0.99 price tag, it’s a small price to pay for radio app that delivers on its promise to provide a personalized radio experience.

nRadio requires iOS 9.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

A small administrative fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review, which did not influence the reviewer’s opinion

Review Summary

Features - 8.6
Usability - 9
Visual Quality - 8.9
Value - 9



nRadio is one of the most customizable radio apps I've seen and it provides a great radio streaming experience.

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