Tondo Jigsaw Is a Fun iOS Puzzle Game with a Few Twists

tondo jigsaw iphone game review featured

Puzzles aren’t only a great way to get a bit of exercise for your brain, but they’re also incredibly flexible when it comes to different styles and ways of solving them. Tondo Jigsaw, developed by Marko Umicevic, is an incredibly unique puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that adds a big twist to mainstream jigsaw puzzles.

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Ready for iOS 8.2? Release Notes Leaked, Update Likely Arriving Next Week

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iOS 8.2 is nearing its official debut (likely on March 9th at the Spring Forward event), but Apple’s mobile operating system is undergoing one final in-house test before its release. One interesting thing about this is that the official release notes for the iOS 8.2 update have been leaked, and numerous tech sites are covering it. If you’re interested, you ...

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