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It goes without saying; the internet is a pretty vast place with tons of cool information. Much like the books you’ve probably accumulated but haven’t read, it can be very tough to keep track of articles and websites for later reading. That’s where PaperSpan comes in.

Similar to having a magical bookmark with you at all times, PaperSpan makes it incredibly easy to save a clean version of a website so you can read it later without ads or other annoying distractions. Created by Sravan Kumar, this incredibly useful app is something that everyone will find a use for.

Adding articles to PaperSpan is incredibly easy and you can do so from your iPhone, iPad, or even your computer. To do so on your phone, use the share option in your browser and select PaperSpan. You might have to toggle the app’s visibility in your share list, which can be done by tapping “More” and selecting PaperSpan.

From what I could tell during my testing, articles appear incredibly clear in PaperSpan. I didn’t notice any formatting issues, which is an incredibly important aspect of any article saving app or software.


Another thing to note about stripped-down articles is that this is a great way to read on the go without eating up all of your cellular data plan. Thanks to a wide range of supported apps and browser plugins, PaperSpan makes it incredibly easy to add articles to your account from your computer so you can read them on your phone.

One thing I do want to mention about PaperSpan is that you have the option to upgrade to Premium for $8.99 per year, which isn’t a bad deal at all considering the features you’ll unlock.

For example, the Premium version allows you to send articles to your Kindle device or app, add highlights to articles, listen to articles (extremely useful if you’re driving), and perform in-depth searches of articles.

Overall, PaperSpan is a very useful app that will appeal to anyone who would like to save articles to read at a later time. Whether you choose the free version or the premium upgrade, I definitely don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the service.

PaperSpan: Save Articles to Read or Listen Offline requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

A small administrative fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review, which did not influence the reviewer’s opinion

Review Summary

Features - 9.6
Usability - 9.4
Visual Quality - 9.3
Value - 9.8



PaperSpan makes it super easy to add articles to your account from your phone, tablet, or PC browser.

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