Revolutionize Your Professional Life: Best iPhone Apps for Work Schedule Management

Looking to take control of your work schedule? Dive into our comparison of the best iPhone apps designed specifically for managing work schedules. Whether you’re juggling irregular hours, managing shift work, or simply looking to bring more organization to your 9-to-5 routine, our guide will help you discover the perfect app to streamline your work schedule management. From simple rostering apps to more complex shift organizers, we’ve covered a wide range of solutions to cater to various needs. Don’t let your work schedule manage you – find the right tools to master it today.

WorkTime: Shift Work Schedule

WorkTime: Shift Work Calendar
by 3888 users
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Experience a new level of shift management with WorkTime. This app is your personal shift organizer, designed to make tracking your work hours as effortless as possible.

WorkTime is ideal for those with fluctuating work hours. It serves as a digital shift calendar, allowing you to easily record and track your work schedule.

Input your work times using a user-friendly keypad, and view your entire work schedule on a single screen. Say goodbye to the days of scrambling to find that piece of paper with your shift times written on it.

Key Features:

  • A unique calendar display that lets you view all your shifts at a glance
  • Enter shift start times quickly with just two taps
  • Add shifts swiftly from your Recent Shifts list
  • Include quick notes and reminders
  • Share your schedule with loved ones via Facebook, Twitter, or Email
  • Save your schedule as an image on your phone
  • Share your schedule for multiple months at once
  • With WorkTime, you can also upgrade to professional features to add unlimited jobs, calculate your hours worked and wages, set alerts for upcoming shifts, and enjoy an ad-free interface.

WorkTime is more than just a job tracker – it can be used to remind you of any important event. Create a ‘To Do’ or ‘Chores’ job, and set times and notes to remind you of tasks or appointments.

If your work schedule is unpredictable, WorkTime is the app for you. It’s designed for anyone who needs to keep track of shifts – from baristas and bartenders to delivery drivers and more.

Simple Roster

Simple Roster
by 731 users
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Experience the simplicity of shift management with Simple Roster, your personal electronic rostering tool designed to make your daily life more organized. With Simple Roster, you can bid farewell to paper rosters and access your schedule anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.

Simple Roster’s intuitive design ensures that you’ll master its use in no time. Within minutes, you can set up your roster in the app. All your rosters and shifts are stored offline on your phone, ensuring you can access them even in areas without internet connectivity.

Entering rosters electronically can often be a hassle, but Simple Roster simplifies the process. Once your shifts are set up, you can easily create your roster. Simply select a start date and start entering your shifts. In just a few seconds, you’ll see your roster displayed on the roster calendar.

Simple Roster also allows you to enter your friends’ rosters. This feature helps you plan outings on days when you both have off. You can also share your roster with friends and family so they know when you’re free or when you’ll be home late.

With the Full Version, you can set your roster to repeat over a certain period. So, if you have a repeating roster every four weeks, you can set it to repeat automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry. The Full Version also includes a ‘Note’ function, allowing you to add notes to any calendar date. Plus, you can sync your roster to your iOS calendar, enabling you to check your rosters without even opening Simple Roster.

ShiftLife Organizer

ShiftLife Organizer
by 1724 users
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Introducing ShiftLife Organizer, the ultimate calendar application tailored specifically for shift workers.

  • Plan your Shifts.
  • Log your Hours.
  • Compute your Pay.

ShiftLife Organizer offers a clear and straightforward display of your upcoming shifts, training days, holidays, on-call days, and other significant events. It’s not just about planning your future work and leisure time, ShiftLife Organizer also allows you to maintain a record of your completed shifts, overtime hours, work locations, hourly pay, total pay, sick days, and other details.

ShiftLife Organizer is designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface for quick and intuitive operation. This app will quickly become one of your essential tools.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Fast Shift Entry: Set up a whole year of shifts in seconds
  • Flexibility to handle any work pattern
  • Share your calendars and shift patterns with your colleagues and friends via Bluetooth
  • Add your own images from your photos to the calendar months display
  • Custom events: sick days, holidays, training days
  • Multiple daily events and shifts
  • List, Day, Week, Month, and Year Views
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive touch gestures
  • Export/import your events and shifts using .ics files
  • Create an image of the month view to use as your phone’s wallpaper
  • Send a picture of your calendar to your friends
  • Set any day as the start of your work week
  • Personalize your display
  • Send an Email of your shifts
  • Sync your roster to your iOS calendar

My Shift Planner – Calendar

My Shift Planner - Calendar
by 1965 users
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My Shift Planner is your ultimate solution for managing and planning your shift work. This app is designed for anyone who has ever felt the stress of managing irregular work hours and days. Whether you’re a bus driver, an airline crew member, a supermarket worker, or a paramedic, My Shift Planner is here to make your life easier.

New for 2023 – Connect directly with your supervisor, see when your colleagues are working, and stay updated with shift changes sent straight to your phone with MyShiftManager.

My Shift Planner is a powerful tool that can handle almost any rotating roster, no matter how complex. With over 400,000+ shift workers worldwide already enjoying our shift planning features, it’s time you joined them.

Key Features:

  • See your shifts in an easy-to-use, color-coded calendar
  • Built-in common shift patterns and rotas
  • Custom shift types, names, times, and colors
  • Calculate your pay for any period
  • Easy to change your rota or set up a future rota
  • Set reminders and customize alerts
  • Supports multiple personal calendars for second jobs, colleagues, or family
  • Track hours, pay, leave, and overtime
  • Customize pay rates for your shifts or overtime
  • Keep track of annual leave allowance
  • Full reports for hours worked, overtime, and annual leave
  • Share your shift rota
  • Sync with your device calendar
  • Sync your MyShiftPlanner account and data between devices
  • Email and share your shift rota with other users
  • Connect with the team
  • Customizable app to suit your needs
  • Supports 24-hour shifts and split shifts
  • Supports Light or Dark mode
  • Today Widget
  • TouchID and FaceID protection for your app
  • Works for iPhone & iPad
  • Regular updates with new features, fixes, and improvements

Upgrade to PRO for even more features, including Calendar Sync, Pay Calculations, Multiple Patterns, Multiple Shifts per day, Multiple Calendars, Calendar Overlay, Custom Icons, Sharing, Repeating Pay Schedules, Work Time Report, Shift Reminders, Leave Allowance, and Remove adverts.

Shift Work Calendar

Shift Work Calendar
by 8783 users
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Welcome to Shift Work Calendar, your ultimate tool for managing and planning your shift work. This app is designed for anyone who has ever felt the stress of managing irregular work hours and days. Whether you’re a retail worker, a hospital staff member, or anyone else working in shifts, Shift Work Calendar is here to make your life easier.

Shift Work Calendar is a useful calendar for such individuals. It allows you to easily register your shift and confirm it by the calendar. Moreover, you can save this calendar as an image, and set it as a wallpaper of the idle screen of your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Create a variety of shift types
  • Easy shifts input
  • Add notes for any date on the calendar with Emoji Icon
  • Save a calendar as an image
  • Share your shifts with others via E-mail

Premium Plan Features:

  • iOS Calendar Sync: Your shifts are imported to iOS calendar
  • Google Calendar Sync: You can upload your shift schedule to Google Calendar
  • Shift Table: You can input and view other person’s shift too
  • Widget: Quickly check schedule and shifts with widget

Spark – Shift Calendar

Spark - Shift Calendar
by 7017 users
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Spark – Shift Calendar is the ultimate tool for managing and planning shift work. This app is designed for anyone who has ever grappled with the stress of managing irregular work hours and days. Whether they’re a firefighter, a police officer, an EMS worker, a hospital staff member, or anyone else working in shifts, Spark is here to simplify their life.

Spark by Leaky Nozzle has been simplifying and supporting work/life balance for over 10 years! It’s loaded with fully customizable and user-friendly features and functions utilized everyday by shift workers across the world. Spark allows users to organize their work and personal life within just ONE app. Its unique “Cloud Connect” system allows users to manage and share their calendar across all platforms, keeping them and their loved ones consistently up to date, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Key Features:

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Spark will track and log anything users need or use day to day, such as vacation, sick time, comp time, overtime, education, trades and so much more.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Spark’s unique “Cloud Connect” software allows users’ shift calendars to sync across multiple devices making it a breeze to update their daily schedule from wherever they are.
  • SUPPORTS THOUSANDS OF SHIFT WORK CALENDARS: Users simply install and open Spark, select one of the pre-loaded department calendars and they’re on their way to simplifying their life.
  • TRADE, SWAP OR DO AWRS: Spark allows users to track shift trades and manage all of the time they owe or are owed, broken down by each individual person.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Whether it is the color of their shifts, the color of an event, or setting statistics for specific events, Spark has them covered.
  • UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Each email that is received is typically responded to AND resolved in less than two hours!
  • Spark offers so much more, so users are encouraged to install the application today and check it out for themselves! Their first 30 days are on Spark! It’s believed that this will be the last install they make for a shift calendar app.

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