Featured iPhone App – Thyme: a Kitchen Timer

Your iPhone is supposed to make life easier, right? Sometimes it does just that, but there are always ways for it to be better. If you’re like me, you’re used to using the built-in timer for keeping track of what’s cooking on the stove. However, what happens when you’re cooking multiple things at once?

Thyme - A Modern Kitchen Timer
Thyme - A Modern Kitchen Timer
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That’s where Thyme comes in handy. This incredibly useful app helps you manage multiple stove-top timers, as well as your oven. All you have to do is tap on the desired burner that you want to set a timer for and set the timer by spinning it clockwise.

Thyme is only $0.99 on the App Store, which is less than what you could spend on throwing out a ruined portion of your meal because you lost track of time.

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