Today’s Free iOS Apps and Games – 8/13/15

Today’s list of iPhone and iPad apps and games gone FREE features a few great photography apps, an amazing script writing tool, and many addicting games to check out!

**Please note that this list contains paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. We don’t know how long they’ll be free. The only thing we do know is that they were free at the time this post was published. If you see a price in blue instead of “free” or click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free and the sale has ended.**

Free Apps:

by 78 users


“Instaflash is your go to photo app with all the tools you need to perfect your photos instantly.

Transform dark and dull shots into vibrant photos and amaze your friends and family.

Quickly edit multiple photos using intuitive gestures. Swipe left or right to load next photo from camera roll. Then long press on the image to apply the previous edited image’s adjustments.

Use shadows, highlights, and denoise to bring low light shots back to life and save photos that would otherwise be throw away.”

celtx script
celtx script
by 1271 users


“With Script you can write properly formatted scripts on your iPhone or iPad, anywhere, anytime.

Script also syncs with your online Celtx studio – so you can backup all your scripts, and work together with your team to plan all your videos and movies.

* Screenplay, AV, Stageplay, Audio Play, and Comic formats.
* Free online backups – protecting your writing from damage or loss of your device.
* Add comments to make script notes to yourself or discuss scripts with partners.”

This item is no longer available. (id:905876548)

“The most powerful and comprehensive video editor that allows you to easily edit your video by adding filters, text, music, sound effects, images, voice-overs and many more!
Features Include:

ADVANCE EDITING TOOLS: Add text to your video and choose from a beautiful collection of fonts, Veditor enables you with the ability to control the positioning, color, opacity, & reflection.

ADD STUNNING FILTERS OVERLAY: Choose from a collection of video effects, including Black and white, vintage, and much more.

CREATE SHORT MOVIES FROM IMAGES: Import photos from your phone and create short movies to bring your moments to life.

ADD STICKERS & IMAGES: choose from a stunning stickers , also add images from your own images gallery to your video”

This item is no longer available. (id:399250641)

“*** Free for limited time***
VideoPix – Video frame grabber, slow motion editor, and an enhanced video player all with a simple and powerful user interface.

Here’s how : Watch video in slow motion to find the hidden details, pause and then navigate single frame fwd/backward at a time to mine the perfect pose of your loved ones. Or swipe with a finger to change the mode to Slow Motion Editor, edit video in slow motion and render/save to Photo Library.”

This item is no longer available. (id:693286871)

“********* FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME *********

Powerful and easy to use graphing calculator that allows you to plot real-valued functions, trajectories, and even vector fields on the cartesian plane. Everything with amazing retina graphics.

GraphMe takes full advantage of the multitouch capabilities of the device in a simple and intuitive way, like controlling the parametric interval of a trajectory with a simple finger gesture.”

Free Games:

Calc It!
Calc It!
by 6 users


“Calc It is an addictive game that stimulates your brain and speed. Fun, challenging and competitive for people of all ages. Calc It will be your favorite pickup-and-play game.

Experience the adorable world of Calc It unfold in hi-res graphics

– Never gets old.
– Secret bonuses.
– Lots of achivements.
– Exercise your brain while having fun.
– Nice graphics, music and sound effects”

Montezuma Puzzle 4 Premium
Montezuma Puzzle 4 Premium
by 654 users


“Montezuma Puzzle is a relaxing and logical tiling Puzzle game in the Ancient Aztec Empire scenery. Arrange the puzzle shapes in the right patterns. Sounds simple? Try out!

New version of this successful puzzler!

Thanks to our players and their support, the Game is even greater challenge and fun now!


-100 unique patterns to arrange
-easy and intuitive
-one touch control system
-delightful graphics and chill music
-unlimited hints”

Super Lines
Super Lines
by 51 users


“Contain 4 different game mode, and the most attractive 2 play mode, you can play with friend any where you like, instead of play alone.

Game Mode:

– Classical
– Modern
– Survival
– Crazy


– Simply touch and move the direction on screen.”

Truck Go
Truck Go
by 8 users


“TruckGo – Deliver goods to the marketplace with your truck. Collect coins to get advanced trucks, wheels and vip cards.
You will need to get from one place to another without dropping too much from your truck. You will get a precise number of pieces you carry and a precise number of pieces that is required. The more you bring, the more score and coins you get.

Game instructions:
– Drive by pressing on the right or left side of the screen.
– Tilt the device to control the truck in mid-air.Be careful not to drop too much.
– Also support joystick control mode.
– There are 50 levels to go, so don’t waste any more time and get started.
– Vip card provide more time for each track.
– Get more coins in garage.”

This item is no longer available. (id:708497417)

“Wowzers! Inspector Gadget is celebrating his 30th anniversary by bouncing onto iPhones and iPads in Inspector Gadget M.A.D. Grab!

Bounce your way to victory as everyone’s favorite bumbling detective, Inspector Gadget, arresting M.A.D. agents and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Each game you’ll collect coins and complete Missions & Achievements to earn Gadget coins. Use those coins to buy items and upgrade your gadgets!

Spend Claw Tokens to take your chance in the Dr. Claw Machine to earn cool items!”

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