Today’s Free iOS Apps and Games – 8/14/15

From a great photo app to an awesome way to learn guitar, today’s list of iPhone and iPad apps and games gone FREE features plenty of great titles to check out. Don’t forget to try the games, as well!

**Please note that this list contains paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. We don’t know how long they’ll be free. The only thing we do know is that they were free at the time this post was published. If you see a price in blue instead of “free” or click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free and the sale has ended.**

Free Apps:

This item is no longer available. (id:335148458)

“Free today with ‘App of the Day’

Easy-to-use, but extremely powerful and artistic vintage video app packed with amazing and powerful features, that no other app offers.

* HD Filters from 20s to 80s
* Authentic Soundtracks
* Powerful, Easy-to-Use Editing tools
* And much more inside the most awesome vintage video app on App Store”

Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon
Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon
by 1112 users


“Turn your photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images in one click to create instant works of art.

19 effects easy to use with full control. Save your creations and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Email.

• Different effects (black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketch, cartoon, stamp, halftone, hatching, …)
• Edge strength, and opacity adjustment
• Contrast, brightness, saturation adjustments
• Save the result to Photo Album
• Share the result on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, …”

This item is no longer available. (id:561436050)

“This interactive storybook is a unique interpretation of classic tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Everything is told exclusively through animation, music, and interactivity – so kids and parents can tell the story in their own way without the use of text or narration.

Navigate through lush environments filled with enchanting illustrations and memorable music… all made with thoughtful attention to detail. Young children will also delight in helping Lil’ Red discover tons of hidden surprises.

For kids 2 & up!


– 12 richly illustrated interactive scenes
– Fully animated – no narration or text
– Great music
– Kids make the story happen
– Discover fun interactive surprises
– Child friendly adaptation”

Guitar Kit+ for Chord Search, Save and Training
Guitar Kit+ for Chord Search, Save and Training
by 3 users


“Feature of the app.

This is user-oriented app made with more than a hundred 0f feedbacks. As a independent developer, I made this app for quality and ease, not for a company or money. The most valuable feature of it is more than 4000 chords would help you to search your curiosity about the chords in detail. Also, I use beautiful UI to not feel boring when you use this app. That, I insist, is the most beautiful app because I made this app for myself at first.

Searching Code
In this app, code searching following two ways.
First one is usual text searching that you can see in everywhere. The second one is intuitive text searching. The function of the second one is that just for the touching the guitar board, the exact fret and the chord will be searched. The function what you need is in this app clearly. More than 4000 chords, powerful search function. I’ve been trying to satisfy these two functions and I will advance continuously.”

Parking Pin™
Parking Pin™
by 12 users


“Never waste your time or energy wandering around again. Other apps claim to guide you back to your car but let’s face it-using an app that requires you to tell it that you’ve parked just isn’t going to work. After all, if you’re prone to forgetting your spot, you’re going to forget to tell the app you’ve parked.

Parking Pin is different. Use it when you need it most-that painful moment when you realize you can’t remember where you parked. Unlike other apps that require you buy extra accessories or to mark your location beforehand, Parking Pin simply remembers your last spot for you without your iPhone (5s, 6 or 6 Plus) ever leaving your pocket or purse. Parking Pin remembers where you’ve parked, even if you don’t!”

Free Games:

World Conqueror 3
World Conqueror 3
by 831 users


“【Conquer the World】———————————————–
***4 scripts from different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960
***World pattern changes over time. Choose any country to join the war.
***Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.

***Real-time game play: you will experience World War II, the Cold War and Modern Warfare
***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will join this Global War
***148 Military Units available and 35 special general Skills
***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons, Naval, Air Force, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons,
Space Weapons and etc
***42 wolrd Wonders will play a key role in your victory
***11 Conqueror Achievements awaits you
***Open Auto battle and AI will lead instead of you
***Seamless World Map and zoom in&out
***Challenge other Players to gain extra awards
***Support Game Center”

Jackpot Words
Jackpot Words
by 13 users


“Jackpot Words combines Word Games with the thrill of Casino Slots!

It’s a whole new spin on your favorite game.

• Uses Game Center for Head-to-Head match games
• Win jackpots as you create words
• Unlock special mini-games and treasures
• Earn bigger rewards with each new level
• Play by yourself or compete with friends

Create the right word combos and win huge payouts. The more coins you win, the higher you rise! You’ve never had so much fun playing a word game before!”

Beetle Bounce
Beetle Bounce
by 11 users


“Play Beetle Bounce, the delightful game where you bounce beetles into wormholes!

Beetle Bounce received wonderful reviews on top sites, like AppAdvice and 148Apps.

Clear all the beetles and your score will skyrocket. The more you play, the wilder it gets!

There are 27 levels of fun, complete with rocket bumpers, shooting stars and spiky giants.

It’s a casual arcade game that’s infinitely playable and totally engrossing.”

Spell Gems
Spell Gems
by 13 users


“Spell Gems combines the thrill of gem-matching with your favorite Word Game.

Play head-to-head match games using Game Center.

Create the right word-gem combos and unlock an avalanche of fun!

• Discover treasures and mini-games
• With each new level, your fun doubles
• Play by yourself or compete with friends
• The more gems you match, the higher you rise

You’ve never had so much fun playing a Word Game before!”

This item is no longer available. (id:830645912)

“Roooooooar !!!!!!!

Help this little tiger to find his way home, and see how many obstacles can you avoid. It’s going to be harder then you think.

Roooooooarrr !”

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