Today’s Free iOS Apps and Games – 8/4/15

Today’s list of iPhone and iPad apps and games gone FREE features a great weather app, a neat way to lull yourself to sleep at night, and many popular games to try out. Remember to leave a comment if you find something you like!

**Please note that this list contains paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. We don’t know how long they’ll be free. The only thing we do know is that they were free at the time this post was published. If you see a price in blue instead of “free” or click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free and the sale has ended.**

Free Apps:

Music Healing
Music Healing
by 24 users


“Use Music Healing when you are in stressful and intense situations or just need to relax and get away.
* Features Tons of soothing Musical Pieces
* Beautiful Imagery that Fades in and out for a Visual Escape.
* Video playback of a beautiful beach scene
* A Sleep Timer Fades Music after the time of Your choice.

* This App Has to be Seen and Heard in action so buy Now and enjoy!”

Jobjuice Strategy & Consulting
Jobjuice Strategy & Consulting
by 3 users


“The App was specially developed with Dr. Lawrence Hrebiniak, strategy expert, author and Wharton School of Business MBA and EMBA professor.

The App will teach you to:

•Identify and understand external and internal factors affecting the company’s business.
•Diagnose the company’s situation and select viable strategies to gain competitive advantage and attain profitable growth.
•Understand the critical elements of a successful strategy implementation process.
•Close the gap between strategy and execution.
•Master the interview process and use strategic frameworks to tackle even the most challenging business cases. ”

This item is no longer available. (id:672915166)

“Aura for iOS makes checking the weather an interactive, beautiful experience.

Pared back to the stark essentials, Aura allows you to focus on the right things. The forecast is the interface.

• Check the weather at a glance!
• Swipe around to see the forecast for the next 24 hours.
• Quickly gauge the temperature through the vibrant, dynamic colors.
• Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.”

This item is no longer available. (id:627409610)

– 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week – and you’ll be able to run 3K and start loving it!
– effective training plan from professional coaches
– use outdoors and on a treadmill
– audio cues during all workouts to keep you focused
– GPS maps saved for each training session

– gradual increase of workout intensity for best result
– inspirational quotes keep you motivated while running
– motivational tips on running with each training session
– listening and managing your favorite music from the app
– sharing results with Facebook & Twitter friends

– calorie counting
– detailed statistics: pace, distance, time and other parameters
– synchronization of your stats & logs with an upgrade from the free version
– synchronization with Apple Health app
– integration with Runkeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun”

This item is no longer available. (id:886882890)

“Dayflow will help you complete all of your activities before the day ends. It’s the ideal app for those who need a little extra motivation.

With Dayflow, the clock is always ticking. Once you determine when your work day ends, start adding all of the activities you need to complete. You can allot different amounts of time to each activity with the swipe of a finger.

When it’s time to start an activity, simply tap the play button. The clock will tick down on your chosen activity, and you’ll receive a push notification when you’re out of time. You can also switch between activities if need be.”

Free Games:

This item is no longer available. (id:723879768)

“The official mobile game of America’s #1 reality television series, Duck Dynasty ®, is now available to play for free!

Battle of the Beards® tests your reflexes and drops you “boots-first” into the Louisiana backwoods to compete in the Robertson family’s favorite redneck activities. Master rapid-fire challenges, unlocking gear and earning experience along the way, to prove you’ve got what it takes to grow a beard as long as your favorite Duckmen.

As you play, your character will go from a Bluetooth-earpiece-wearing, clean-shaven businessman, to a fully camouflaged, long-haired, bandana-clad backwoodsman with a beard that would even make Phil jealous.

Can you keep up as the pace increases? Or will you be left in the dust as the heat turns up? Download Battle of the Beards today and show the world what your beard is made of!”

This item is no longer available. (id:813719921)

“So.. you have played and mastered shooting games?
Try and last a 100 days in this one!!

Draw your weapons, it’s time to clear Sunset Bluff of the bloodthirsty vermin. Let your bullets do the talking as you shoot your way through the bandits and keep up your rage. Question is, how many days can you survive?”

Jungle Jam - Child Friendly
Jungle Jam - Child Friendly
by 12 users


• No Buttons, Menus or Ads!
• Best Xylophone in the App Store!
• Bouncing Monkeys and More!
• Explore the Jungle!
• Multitouch enabled!
• Full Musical Scale!

Watch the monkeys bounce with the jungle rhythm or join in the music by playing the bamboo xylophone (Did we mention this is also the best xylophone in the app store?)

Everything on the screen is interactive encouraging baby to touch and find flying toucans, giggling suns and bouncing bananas.

No buttons, menus or ads! Just an interactive world that will keep them mesmerized for hours! Little ones from babies to toddlers will love the vibrant colors, animated characters and fun sound effects.”

This item is no longer available. (id:1007129289)

“Help your friendly ace Jack navigate the treacherous skies as you dash from island to island while dodging treacherous tornadoes and thunderstorms. Complete missions and collect coins to unlock and upgrade to new airplanes and powerups!


* Original and infinite gameplay
* Quick play and easy to learn!
* Amazing graphics!
* Level up airplanes!
* Multiple powerups!
* Leaderboards and unlock achievements on Game Center
* Endless fun!”

This item is no longer available. (id:586099235)

“Fix the vending machines, save the world! Or at least help people get their candy, drinks and tickets again.

Help Raz the Raccoon fix the broken vending machines in this fun cartoon physics puzzler. Re-arrange the various parts of the vending machines to collect the coins stuck in the machines.


* Amazing cartoon graphics
* Three different machines to fix (more coming soon)
* 70+ levels of mind bending fun
* Array of wires, rubber-bands, air nozzles, speed wires and more to solve with
* Game Center support
* In-game viewable solutions when stuck
* Best rope physics in the AppStore
* Tutorials showing you how to play”

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