Upgrade Your Home Security: 5 Outstanding iPhone Home Monitoring Apps You Need to Try

Discover the 5 best home monitoring apps for iPhone that will revolutionize your home security experience. Stay connected with real-time alerts, live video streaming, and smart event detection. Monitor your home, loved ones, and pets from anywhere using your smartphone, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re in control.

Presence Video Security Camera

Presence Video Security Camera
by 7006 users
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*An iOS App Lists must-have app!*

You’ve got an old smartphone or tablet. It’s sitting there, doing nothing. Why not put it to work? Let the free app Presence watch your back. Get it today, and you’ve got a home security camera system in less than 5-minutes. Download Presence on BOTH your primary smartphone – the one you use every day – and your old smartphone or tablet. Position the old device in the direction you want to watch and secure. You’ll get recorded video alerts when something happens. You can even see what’s happening remotely from anywhere.

Get this. Have a 2-way conversation with pets and loved ones. Remotely switch between front and back cameras. Remotely turn on the camera flash for improved visibility. You’ll get a ton of free encrypted cloud video storage for your motion detection recordings – 50MB to be exact. Want more? Upgrade to Presence Pro Video through Apple’s App Store starting at only $1.99 for advanced motion detection features, with a beefy 5GB of video storage and priority customer support.

MONITOR with Presence
With live audio/video streaming and on-demand video recording, Presence makes a great DIY home security camera system. It’s also a webcam, baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, home surveillance cam, party cam, or any cam. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery, the office or wherever – watch what’s happening live and record it at the same time.

ALERT with Presence
When something happens and you’re not there, you’ll be alerted by email, in-app or push notifications. Presence video alerts will show you what just happened. Get notified when an intruder is detected, when the kids arrive home safely, when the delivery company has dropped off a package, or whatever you need to know. Adjust motion detection sensitivity to get only the recorded videos you want.

SHARE with Presence
Presence supports multiple simultaneous viewers connecting to a single camera at the same time. Watch the dog or the kids at the same time from different devices and locations. Be a Twitter influencer by sharing interesting moments captured by Presence. The app can automatically post motion detection videos and thumbnails to your Twitter account for the world to see.

iHeartCam Home Security Camera

This item is no longer available. (id:1456112845)

Introducing iHeartCam, the versatile iPhone app that transforms your old devices into a powerful security surveillance system. Download iHeartCam now to make the most of your unused devices!

With iHeartCam, you can remotely monitor your home or office through live streaming on your phone via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks, giving you peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

iHeartCam is the ideal solution for a range of monitoring needs, including baby monitors, pet cameras, nanny cams, and elder care. Our users trust iHeartCam to provide reliable home security and mobile video surveillance.

To ensure clear video quality even in low light conditions, iHeartCam features Enhanced Night Vision, delivering crisp and detailed video images.

With iHeartCam’s Two-Way Talk functionality, you can utilize your iPhone’s built-in microphone and speaker to communicate with people and pets, effectively turning your device into a walkie-talkie.

We prioritize your privacy, which is why iHeartCam doesn’t store any of your data. Instead, you can use your own Cloud or Dropbox account to securely store private recordings.

Experience the convenience and reliability of iHeartCam as your home security surveillance system. As a full-featured video surveillance app, iHeartCam is designed to meet all your home monitoring needs.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera
by 94326 users
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Over 40 million families around the world have chosen Alfred Camera to secure their home. We are the world’s most popular and top-rated app for home security.

People love Alfred Camera! The all-in-one app provides more features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live stream, instant intruder alert, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.

If you want a CCTV to keep an eye on your belongings, a baby monitor to look after your newborn, or a pet cam to entertain your lovely pets, Alfred Camera is the best choice!

DIY your own home security camera in 3 minutes. No cost, no hard skills; just one creative idea! Alfred Camera is the easiest-to-install home surveillance system with professional-grade features, period.

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras or home surveillance cameras, you can put Alfred wherever you need to strengthen security. It works like a portable video monitor, so you don’t even need a security guard! After all, if anything like theft or breaking in happens, the video footage will be extremely helpful.

With crystal clear live stream, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. Additionally, Alfred’s motion sensor will send you an instant alert when it finds an intruder. You can scare the intruder away by the walkie-talkie immediately. The auto-recorded videos will be kept in free, unlimited cloud storage. You can use them as evidence to help identify the suspect.

Camy — Live Video Monitoring

Camy — Live Video Monitoring
by 1252 users
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Discover Camy, the versatile app that converts your phones and tablets into an advanced live streaming video monitoring system. With an internet connection, you can effortlessly keep an eye on your home or office from any location without the need for additional equipment.

Camy is perfect for observing children, pets, or simply verifying who is at your residence. Its built-in motion detection feature bolsters your home’s security by promptly notifying you of any uninvited guests.

Camy enables you to use your phone as a surveillance camera or a viewer, and you’ll soon be able to access the live stream on your PC using a web browser.

Key features of Camy encompass:

Crisp video streaming quality
Option to connect multiple cameras (phones) [Available in Premium version] Multi-viewer connectivity support
Video recording capabilities
Motion detection with notifications and automatic cloud-based video recording [Available in Premium version] Display of stream details, such as frame rate, bit rate, and image size
Alternating between front and rear cameras
Two-way communication via speakerphone
Image rotation function
Remote flashlight control
Screenshot functionality
Pinch-to-zoom feature
Night mode availability
Web version (upcoming)
Apple TV support
Upgrade to Camy’s Premium version to unlock additional features and enhance your user experience. Enjoy the convenience and security offered by Camy’s state-of-the-art video monitoring technology.

AiCam AI Smart Security Camera

AiCam AI Smart Security Camera
by 83 users
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AiCam makes home security a breeze by turning your unused iPhone or iPad into a portable smart monitoring system. With advanced machine learning algorithms, AiCam detects and recognizes crucial events, sending notifications only when needed.

AiCam prioritizes privacy, processing videos offline on your device. The app only requires an internet connection for iCloud storage or push notifications.

Key features include:

Intelligent event detection for faces, animals, and sounds
Event history log for reviewing saved footage
Live streaming with manual recording and camera switching
Apple Shortcuts app and Siri integration
Customizable notifications via push or webhook requests
Customize AiCam to your preferences and enjoy the low-power mode for minimal energy consumption. Upgrade to the premium version for unlimited streaming, HD/4K recording, and comprehensive monitoring. Download AiCam today and secure what matters most.

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