These 5 Free Countdown Apps for iPhone Will Help You Keep Track of Important Events

Keeping track of important events can be a daunting task, and sometimes a calendar alarm just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re keeping track of holidays or looking forward to an important event, this list of 5 free countdown apps for iPhone covers pretty much every countdown timer imaginable!


Countdown  ‎
by 10970 users
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Countdown is an iPhone app that allows users to count down to a variety of events, such as vacations, concerts, and graduations, with flexible units including years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats.

The app allows users to drag the countdown and display it wherever they want, use their own photos as the background, set their own music for each countdown, and customize fonts, font colors, and background colors for the countdown display. Users can create countdowns from their calendar events, set reminders for their events, and share live countdowns or screenshots on social media or email.

Countdown also allows users to count down to anniversaries that repeat every year and count up from past events. Additionally, the app features a smart toolbar that is hidden until tapped for more screen space, works in portrait and landscape mode, and allows users to view and save popular countdowns near them.

Finally, the app offers iOS 16 lock screen widgets and home screen widgets, which can be customized according to user preferences.

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)
by 4194 users
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Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) is an app designed to help users track special events and holidays with custom displays, configurable auto alarms, and a range of other features to make counting down to events more enjoyable.

With this app, users can create unlimited countdown timers for events such as birthdays, concerts, holidays, and more. The app also allows users to sync their Facebook events to their device and add them to their list of countdowns. Additionally, users can observe national holidays with holiday calendars from different countries around the world.

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) features smart reminder alarms that notify users more frequently as an event approaches, and users can count up from past events to see how much time has passed since the event occurred. Users can also customize their countdowns by choosing the timer display style, font, and colors, and selecting countdown timer units in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds. The app offers a large collection of image packs with Instagram-style filters that users can assign to their Countdown events to make the countdowns more fun.

The app also has social capabilities, such as sharing birthday countdown cards with friends and family, following family and friends to get event notifications when they share public events, and sharing calendars with event codes that allow family and friends to share in tracking the same events in your countdown calendar.

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) offers more features such as syncing events across all devices on different app and web platforms, and backup for private events to prevent data loss.

Overall, Countdown+ Calendar (Lite) is a free app that is jam-packed with features to make counting down to events a breeze.

Reminder & Countdown

Reminder & Countdown
by 14550 users
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Reminder & Countdown is an all-in-one reminder and to-do list app designed to help users achieve their goals and tasks in their daily lives. The app is straightforward and easy to use, reminding users about important events, meetings, friends’ birthdays, TV show premieres, dentist appointments, holidays, wedding dates, and any upcoming events they don’t want to miss.

Event information comes in a nicely-wrapped pack, and all details such as date and time, font, icon, alert sound, background, and other options can be configured according to individual taste. The app is complemented with excellent sharing options, allowing users to send their reminders to anyone worldwide through SMS, MMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and other social networks and services.

Reminder & Countdown offers multiple reminders and counts down in real-time, allowing users to select timing units they wish to count down, sort entries by date, name, or apply a customizable sorting, set individual names, time and date options, categories, various icons, and custom intervals to repeat events. Users can configure alerts before or after a due date, choose individual backgrounds, and select from a wide variety of fonts to choose from. The app also allows formatting dates and times in full, short, and abbreviated time units.

The app has additional features such as importing birthdays from the user’s address book, importing events from the iOS Calendar app and Reminders app, changing the default event icon to a personal photo, and setting photos as the background. Users can share countdowns through all available ways, sending the whole countdown screenshot or only a part of it.

Finally, Reminder & Countdown offers an awesome, easy-to-use UI, allowing users to make colorful notes, brighten up reminders, and use the app as an alarm. Overall, Reminder & Countdown is an excellent app for anyone looking for a user-friendly, customizable reminder and to-do list app.


by 22504 users
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Countdown° is the ultimate app to help you stay on top of all your important schedules and events. This top-notch countdown app is available on the AppStore, complete with blur effects, vector images, and tons of cool features.

With Countdown°, you can easily sort your events, customize reminders, and set up custom categories. You can even repeat event cycles and get main daily event alerts that are tailored to your specific needs. Plus, the app lets you display completion events on the icon, so you always know what’s coming up.

But that’s not all! Countdown° has tons of special functions that take your scheduling game to the next level. You can back up your events with iCloud, use the handy date calculator (just swipe left from the main screen!), and even use the app as a widget. Plus, you can unlock the app using Touch ID or pattern lock protection, and get past event notifications to help you stay organized.

For our Chinese users, Countdown° also offers Lunar calendar settings that are only available on the Chinese version of the app. And with customizable date formats (300 or 9M 25D), widget themes, and custom background images, you can make the app truly your own.

Finally, Countdown° even lets you track your progress with the one day pass the target function and import and export events from the iOS calendar. With all these amazing features, Countdown° is the perfect app to help you stay on top of all your important events and schedules.

Countdown Days Since & Until

Countdown Days Since & Until
by 1949 users
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Countdown Days Since & Until is the ultimate app for tracking important dates and events. Whether you’re counting down to an upcoming vacation or counting up from an anniversary, this app has got you covered. With the ability to view the time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, you can keep a close eye on every important milestone.

The app allows you to add an unlimited number of events and even set reminders to make sure you never miss an important date. You can import events from your calendar and customize your background to make your countdowns truly your own.

One of the coolest features of Countdown Days Since & Until is automatic syncing between devices. All of your countdowns automatically sync to your watch, and you can even add widgets directly to your Home Screen or Lock Screen (ad-free in-app purchase required).

The app also offers customizable alerts to let you know when your event is right around the corner. You can even set custom reminders to go off exactly when you choose.

Countdown Days Since & Until makes it easy to customize your countdowns to your liking. You can use your own photos as a background, choose a unique icon for each event, and choose from seven time formats, including the number of seconds left, number of weeks left, and more.

Setting up Countdown Days Since & Until is a breeze – you can import events directly from your calendar or reminders. And once you’ve created your countdowns, you can easily share them with friends and family. Post your countdowns and screenshots to social media or text them directly to the people who matter most.

Overall, Countdown Days Since & Until is the perfect app for anyone looking to keep track of important dates and events. With automatic syncing, customizable alerts, and tons of customization options, this app has everything you need to stay on top of your countdowns.

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