5 iPhone Apps for Slackers

Alright, listen up slackers! Hey, I’m guilty of being a bit iLazy, as well. Whether you’re a procrastinator, forgetful, or you crave automation, this list is a great assortment of various apps that seek to help you achieve more with minimal effort.

CARROT Alarm - Talking Alarm Clock
CARROT Alarm - Talking Alarm Clock
by 608 users


“CARROT is a hilariously twisted AI construct who wants nothing more than for you to get out of bed every morning. Her witty spoken dialogue, beautiful songs, and innovative wake-up system will have you starting each day with a smile on your face.”

by 826 users


“Users, critics, and supercomputers the world over have fallen in love with CARROT and her twisted personality. What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Download CARROT now!”

Unfilth Your Habitat
Unfilth Your Habitat
by 233 users


“Please be advised that this app contains profanity. The word “filth,” in-app, is replaced by the other f-word.

If traditional housekeeping isn’t really your style, but your living space needs a little attention, UfYH’s challenges and customizable features will help you get your place back in shape, a few minutes at a time. Rather than encourage marathon cleaning sessions, UfYH gives you the tools to clean up, a little at a time. Unf&%*ing your habitat turns dreaded chores into easy-to-complete tasks, with a hefty dose of “filthy” language to motivate you to clean up.”

This item is no longer available. (id:563721483)

“EveryMove integrates with your favorite apps and the devices you already use to make your life easier, including: Active.com, BodyMedia, Endomondo, Fitbit, Fitbug, Garmin, GolfNet, MapMyFitness, MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Nike+ Fuelband, Preva / Precor, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Strava, Swimsense, UP by Jawbone, Withings and many more.”

by 50156 users


“Put the internet to work for you.

IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.

Activate your Channels and create Recipes on IFTTT!”

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