About iOS App Lists

How did iOS App Lists come to be?

iOS App Lists, founded in early April of 2014, was created by a professional app reviewer with over three years of experience writing reviews for a variety of sites.

The site was born out of a passion to tell the world about great iPhone and iPad apps, especially lesser-known apps and games that might fly under the radar (but certainly shouldn’t). We achieve this by featuring app lists and written app reviews.

How do you find apps to include in your App Lists?

When we create an app list, it’s usually meant to serve a purpose or achieve a goal. Whether it’s going out for a hike or spending a night at the movies, our lists are meant to be a guide to finding useful apps.

You might notice that we don’t pick one category and give you five different apps that do the same thing; we aim for variety that’ll cover everything in a particular situation.

App review service

We put iOS apps through rigorous tests under pretty much every situation imaginable. When we review an app, we’re looking at more than its App Store description and whether or not it looks good. We’re serious about what we do here, and that’s providing readers with quality information regarding iPhone and iPad apps.

While we’d love to offer app reviews for free, we found that there’s simply no way to sustain iOS App Lists through ad and affiliate revenue alone. Maintaining the site and the social networks we’re a part of takes up quite a bit of valuable time, and purchasing an app review goes directly towards sustaining the site.

Unlike other popular iPhone sites that feature reviews, we don’t charge extra for publicizing your review or completing the review within 24 hours. We don’t offer these extra options because we don’t believe that developers should have an “edge” over others when it comes to getting the word out about their app or game simply because they can spend more for extra features.

Lastly, we are also members of the iTunes Affiliate Program, which yields a very small commission if a visitor purchases an app or other iTunes medium after clicking one of our links.