Apple Maps Now Features Real-Time Emergency Vehicle Road Warnings

Safety Cloud, a digital alerting technology used by emergency responders and construction zones, now offers real-time notifications in Apple Maps. This means iPhone users, like other supported devices, should get automatic HAAS safety warnings.

What is Safety Cloud?

Safety Cloud is the world’s first connected car platform devoted to road safety, providing drivers with early warning digital notifications when hazards are approaching.

First responders, towing professionals, and other emergency vehicles provide Emergency Vehicle Warning System (HAAS Alerts). Users will receive a real-time notice on their Apple Maps when they approach one of these incident areas.

Although it is a lesser-known feature among customers, HAAS Alerts are standard on numerous emergency vehicles built by various manufacturers. The service, according to the business, is compatible with aftermarket emergency vehicles, work zone equipment, telematics systems, and traffic control platforms.

More than 1,200 public safety agencies, roadside assistance firms, towing operators, road workers, and other entities with cars or highway equipment use the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud system.

Apple Maps Incorporates HAAS Safety Cloud to Improve Roadway Hazard Alerts - MacRumors

Safety Cloud Integration with Apple Maps

Real-time notifications from other drivers were previously available in Apple’s primary navigation app. Apple Maps users may now get road danger warnings from professionals thanks to the introduction of HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud.

According to research from Purdue University and the University of Minnesota, computerized notifications that provide early notice of imminent highway risks increase driver safety near roadside incidents and can lower the likelihood of collisions by up to 90%. Digital notifications provide drivers more time to safely slow down and move over or proceed with care by informing them of these risks in advance.

While competitors like as Waze have generally had an advantage when it comes to reporting things like road hazards, Apple is swiftly catching up. iOS 14.5 introduced user-reported accidents, speed checks, and general risks, and it works amazingly well.

You can use Siri to report issues, so you never have to take your hands off the wheel. Furthermore, if you’re approaching a hazard reported by someone else, Apple Maps will prompt you to check if it’s still there or has been cleared.

Until recently, this has primarily been confined to user-reported hazards. When individuals work together, crowdsourcing functions well, but it’s easy for things to get missed if drivers don’t bother identifying hazards.

You don’t need to do anything to enable the function in Apple Maps. You should receive messages like the one above whenever you are in the vicinity of an emergency. That way, you’ll be able to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and not jeopardize others.

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