AUTOsist Is a Must-Have iPhone App for Vehicle Owners

Taking care of your vehicle is the number one way to make sure you get as many years out of it as you can. However, proper maintenance goes far beyond a simple oil change and tire rotation. AUTOsist for iPhone helps users keep track of vehicle maintenance records, as well as plenty of other details. Plus, records are transferable if the vehicle is sold.

To properly use all of the features that AUTOsist offers, you have to set up an account with the app. You can do this via email or Facebook. Once the account is set up, you can begin adding vehicles to your digital garage.

What’s really neat about AUTOsist? Well, you can add pretty much every vehicle imaginable, not just cars and trucks. That’s right, the app helps you keep track of your boat, RV, motorcycle, and even your airplane. There’s also an “other” section for miscellaneous vehicles.

I was truly impressed to see how extensive the vehicle make and model list. Unlike other car apps, AUTOsist includes a full list of car, truck, and motorcycle makes and models, right down to trim. For other vehicles, the app allows you to manually input make and model information.

Once a vehicle is added to your garage, AUTOsist truly shines as a useful app. You can quickly and easily store receipts for maintenance expenses, gas, and more.

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AUTOsist goes far beyond receipt management, though. The app even allows you to store photo copies of important documents such as insurance cards and registration. There’s also a “Personal Docs” tab for things like auto membership cards. Items stored in “Personal Docs” are not linked to a single vehicle, but items in the “General Docs” will be deleted if a vehicle is deleted from the AUTOsist garage.

While keeping photo copies of vehicle documents is definitely a handy feature, I do wish there was a way to secure AUTOsist with a passcode so sensitive data is protected.

Another neat feature AUTOsist offers is the option to add notes to each vehicle, from recommended tire pressure to accident reports or to-do items.

Lastly, AUTOsist allows users to run a receipt report for personal use, as well as proof of maintenance if they’re planning on selling the vehicle. This will help potential buyers see just how well you took care of your vehicle, and it will likely increase the chances of a successful sale. If a vehicle is sold, AUTOsist even allows you to transfer all records to the new owner.

Overall, I’m truly impressed with how thorough AUTOsist is in terms of vehicle maintenance tracking and document organization. However, in order to get the most out of the app, it has to be used on a regular basis, not just when it’s convenient.

I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a simple and easy way to keep track of vehicle maintenance, especially seeing as AUTOsist supports pretty much any kind of vehicle that moves.

AUTOsist requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review.

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