App Review: BeHppy Is Your Virtual Happy Place on Your iPhone

BeHppy is a refreshingly fun and creative twist on the concept of anonymous social networking. Unlike other apps such as Whisper and Secret, BeHppy was created to help people focus on what makes them smile. I like to think of it as your digital “happy place” in the palm of your hand.

Developed by FlexYourHappiness Inc., BeHppy is a solid and clean app that’s very easy to use and navigate. You don’t even need to fight with the tedious task of creating an account. A pleasant and brief info screen is displayed for first time users, giving you a quick overview of what BeHppy is all about.

One of my favorite things about BeHppy is that its purpose shines through even in its design. The app itself is bright and cheery, which is definitely a plus. Users can choose to browse anonymous posts by others or create posts of their own by snapping or uploading a photo and adding a brief description.

Fellow BeHppy users can give your post a smile, which is equivalent to a Facebook “like” (though much warmer and fuzzier). Other BeHppy’ers can even reply to your post with a photo, which is a neat and unique way to stimulate interaction between anonymous users.

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If one of your posts receives a smile or a reply (formally called an echo), you can choose to be notified via push and/or visit the dedicated Echoes tab within BeHppy. If you opt to allow BeHppy to access your location, you can also receive alerts when a post has been published in your area.

Investing a lot of time and effort into creating your own BeHppy place might be wasted if you happen to lose your device or have to remove the app for one reason or another. Seeing as there are no user accounts to be had, the app uses a special encryption key to help users restore their posts if they’re ever lost. This can be done using the Settings -> Preserve Your Content screen. I definitely recommend emailing this key to yourself (it’s far too long and complicated to write down) in case you ever need to restore your BeHppy posts.

As far as overall thoughts on BeHppy, I believe it’s a very solid and outstanding app with great potential. It’s a refreshing concept that needs to take hold, primarily because it’s a great practice to appreciate what makes YOU happy.

I love the fact that BeHppy can be utilized as both a social networking app and a personal diary, and it’s nice to know that everything is completely anonymous. I definitely recommend the app for anyone who is looking for something that will brighten their day!

BeHppy is available to download from the App Store for free and is designed for iPhone.

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