Contacts Pad Is a Must-Have iPhone Contacts App

Contacts Pad is an app that aims to replace the native iPhone contacts app, and I can honestly say that it succeeds. Developed by Think Code Release Ltd, this is definitely an app that will change the way you connect with your contacts.

Even though you use it as a GPS, gaming system, health monitor, and even a flashlight, your iPhone is still a phone. Whether you have a handful of contacts or hundreds of connections, managing them can be a pain.

We live in a day and age where we can text, talk, snap, FaceTime, and more. Contacts Pad is designed to help you stay in touch with your favorite contacts by keeping them right at your fingertips.

One of the things that impresses me the most about Contacts Pad is the simplistic design. To be honest, it reminds me of something Apple would create. The interface is gorgeous and smooth animations make for a very pleasant user experience. Contacts Pad gives you 9 contact slots to utilize, and adding a favorite contact can be done in two taps.

When you tap on a contact, you’re presented with a plethora of ways to communicate with them. Contacts Pad supports basic functions such as phone, text, and email, but there are tons of other supported apps. For example, you can import your contact’s Facebook details to quickly send them a message. You can even add Instagram info, Skype usernames, Twitter handles, and more.

A recent update to Contacts Pad added a Smart Sort feature, which automatically arranges the actions for each contact on your widget based on how often you use them. Personally I love this feature because it keeps your list of actions up to date without any extra effort on your part.

Contacts Pad syncs very well with the native iPhone contacts manager, pulling most information from it. What this means is that you can change details in Contacts Pad and it will reflect in the default app.

The only suggestion I have for Contacts Pad is a way to backup your settings and favorites in case you have to delete the app for any reason. iCloud would likely be the best sync platform so you can use Contacts Pad on multiple devices without having to update it manually.

Price might be a sticking point for some users, but $1.99 is incredibly reasonable for an app that offers so many great features. While other contact organizers aim to help you manage hundreds of contacts, Contacts Pad focuses on keeping you in touch with your favorite people beyond phone calls and texting.

Overall, Contacts Pad is a must-have iPhone app for anyone who wants to keep in touch with a few of their favorite people. It integrates beautifully with all kinds of social apps and makes it ten times easier to communicate with others. I can’t recommend Contacts Pad enough!

Contacts Pad requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Review Summary

Features - 9.2
Usability - 9.5
Visual Quality - 9.3
Value - 9.4



Contacts Pad is a fantastic iPhone app that replaces the default app and has tons of extra features.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 2 votes)

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