Exam Elf for iOS Helps Math Students Hone Their Exam Skills

Tests are the conventional way to gauge a student’s level of knowledge, but they can be incredibly intimidating. Fear of tests can lead to poor performance, and teaching students vital testing skills is exactly what Exam Elf for iOS aims to do.

Exam Elf is a very comprehensive app that focuses on grades 4-8. It provides students with a wide variety of practice questions to help them study and build important test taking skills, all while providing parents and teachers with detailed reports on progress.

For students, Exam Elf offers a plethora of math questions that are designed to strengthen knowledge areas and prepare them for exams by mimicking a test environment.

Exam Elf helps students practice skills are timing, focus, strategy, quality, vision, and grasp. Students can create a profile with their own avatar, as well, which is leveled up as they sharpen their skills.

One thing I really like about Exam Elf is that the app is tailored to students all around the world, regardless of country. This includes the USA, Europe, Australia, and more.

The interface of Exam Elf is very easy to navigate and understand. Students will progressively unlock skill areas once they’ve completed the assessment for the previous skill.

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While many educational apps tend to be cluttered and confusing, Exam Elf includes detailed instructions for each exercise. Directions are clear and easy to understand, so students shouldn’t have a problem with completing exercises on their own.

Students will earn stars and brains as they make their way through Exam Elf exercises. Stars are a demonstration of skill, and brains are earned when students perform flawlessly. They can spend brains on avatar accessories and boosts.

Exam Elf isn’t just for students, though. The app includes a parent/teacher section so progress can be monitored with ease. Parents and teachers can even interact with students using their own device, providing help and praise when needed.

Lastly, Exam Elf is completely free of in-app purchases, external links, and unnecessary junk. This provides students with a safe and distraction free environment.

Overall, I think it’s incredible that Exam Elf focuses solely on building testing skills, not just knowledge. This is definitely a unique educational app, and it’s the perfect supplement for young learners. Exam Elf is a great tool for teachers, as well!

Exam Elf requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review

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