Flags Hangman Is a Fun and Educational Game for iPhone and iPad

There are plenty of games to choose from on the App Store, but it’s tough to find what you’re looking for without getting a bit overwhelmed. Plus, many of these games tend to be a bit mindless or imitations of more popular games. However, Flags Hangman is one game that really stands out from the rest in that it’s both fun to play and is also educational.

The goal of Flags Hangman is to properly guess which country the flag on the screen represents. Just like the classic game of hangman, Flags Hangman requires you to make your guess via single letters in order to spell out the country. The game features 187 flags for players to guess.

Flags Hangman gives you seven chances for incorrect guesses. After that, you’ll move onto the next flag. The more correct answers you submit, the higher your score will be. Also, Flags Hangman adds bonus points to your score if you don’t use all of your incorrect answer chances.

However, your current score doesn’t really matter in Flags Hangman. There are no leaderboards or high score recordings, but I do wish the game would reset your score after a failed guess. Technically the game is never ending, which might make it a bit boring after awhile.

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One of the things I noticed about Flags Hangman is that it uses a unique ABC keyboard, so it might take users a bit of time to get used to a different keyboard layout. However, you can change the keyboard format back to QWERTY in the game’s options menu.

Personally I really like the ABC keyboard layout, as it’s a bit easier to find individual letters. Plus the game isn’t timed, so you don’t have to worry about the clock running out before you can submit your guess.

Also, if you’re not sure about a certain flag and you’d rather not take the chance of losing, Flags Hangman lets you skip to the next flag with no score penalty.

Lastly, each flag links to a Wikipedia article about the country, so it’s a way to toss a bit of extra knowledge into the mix. As I mentioned before, I do like the fact that Flags Hangman could be considered an educational game, especially for kids who are learning about countries around the world.

Flags Hangman is also universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Flags Hangman. It’s a great way to study up on flags around the world, but I do wish the scoring system was a bit more relevant. Plus, there’s definitely a potential to make it a turn-based multiplayer game, especially locally where players can pass their phone back and forth to see who can guess the most flags correctly.

Flags Hangman requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review

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