Frantic Frenzy Games Develops Retro Arcade Games with a Modern Twist

Frantic Frenzy Games, a new iOS game company, focuses on developing titles with a retro twist. Founded by Asher Scott, the company has its sights set on creating fun arcade games that players will enjoy.

“As a self proclaimed Evil Game-maker, I am always looking for ways to make something just a bit harder. Much like games in the 80’s my games are easy to learn, fun to play, but difficult to master,” says Asher. The latest title that has been released, Megacosmo Runner, is a randomly generated space shooter that gets increasingly difficult as you get better.

Frantic Frenzy Games has four other games on the App Store: Bumper Blocks, Meet the Flinglings, Systems Sync, and 4 Quarters Arcade. Bumper Blocks is a modern rendition of the classic Pong-like arcade games. Much like Megacosmo Runner, Systems Sync is a space shooter that requires you to defeat waves of enemy ships.

Meet the Flinglings is a different type of arcade game where the focus is on evolving your character from a baby in order to reach your mother. Lastly, 4 Quarters Arcade is a combination of 4 arcade games in 1 and features retro graphics and sound effects.

A passion for classic games is what drives Asher to make Frantic Frenzy Games a successful company. “As a kid I practically grew up in our town’s nickle arcade. Since it was only a nickle to play I would get to play 5 times the amount of games every day. To this day I am sure the time spent in that arcade spawned my love for games of all kinds.”

Frantic Frenzy Games isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. According to Asher, he is planning on improving the titles that are already released on the App Store, as well as releasing more iPhone games and expanding the company’s catalog to include Android titles in the very near future.

All of Frantic Frenzy Games’ titles are available to download on the App Store and are compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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