I Can Do That! For iPad Teaches Kids Art History in an Exciting Way

Learning to enjoy art is as important as learning about the history of it. I Can Do That! for iPad aims to take kids on an adventure where they’re free to explore various famous sculptures from around the world. If you’re a parent who is looking to instill a love of art into your child, this is definitely worth checking out.

I Can Do That! aims to immerse kids in the world of art. Children will love exploring the app and everything it has to offer, including various games and activities.

Initially I was very impressed with the layout and design of I Can Do That!. I found the design to be artistic, so it really sets the tone of the app. Finding your way around isn’t difficult at all, and the menu is broken up into four different activities: Find Me, Match Me, Move Me, and About Me. Once a mode is selected, kids can choose from one of ten different sculptures to interact with.

In I Can Do That!, Move Me requires children to move obstructions around the screen in order to reveal the chosen sculpture. Match Me is a fun drag-and-drop puzzle that lets kids recreate a sculpture by moving matching pieces around the screen. Find Me shows kids where sculptures emerged from around the world, and About Me describes the history of each sculpture.

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I Can Do That! is full of fun things for kids to do and explore, and I feel like it’s a great app for teaching them art history. Instead of reading words on pages and looking at pictures, children can interact with sculptures and really immerse themselves in the world of art.

However, there’s one problem I have with I Can Do That!, which is the fact that the app doesn’t change as you play it. For example, puzzle pieces in Match Me don’t change, so kids might become bored after completing puzzles. Hopefully a bit more variety can be added to the app in the future to make sure it doesn’t fade into obscurity.

Overall, I Can Do That! is a great educational iPad app that’s perfect for teaching kids about art. I really love the thought that’s been put into the app, and I think kids will definitely take something away from the app. However, I wish the games were a bit more exciting and immersive. I Can Do That! is brand-new, though, and I believe it’s off to a great start.

I Can Do That! requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPad.

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