Mad Cows’ Maze for iPad Features Endless Random Mazes and More

Mad Cows’ Maze is a brand-new game by Dariusz Bukowski that keeps players on the edge of their seat thanks to high pressure problem solving. If you enjoy tense games that require quick thinking and good reflexes, this is definitely one to try.

As someone who enjoys maze games, I’ve found that they tend to be a bit too easy sometimes. Yes, navigating your way through dead ends can be annoying, but there’s really no challenge unless you’re trying to beat the clock.

Mad Cows’ Maze changes that by throwing in obstacles and enemies who will try to take your character out if they see them. As you probably guessed, this definitely adds a bit of pressure to the game. Not only do you have to try and make your way through a complex maze, but you have to avoid cows and other baddies while doing it.

In terms of graphics, Mad Cows’ Maze definitely feels like a retro game. I like that, though, because it keeps the focus on strategy and tactics instead of flashy visual effects and whatnot. Controls are pretty good, too, and I like the fact that the joystick appears anywhere on the screen when you tap. This can get tricky, though, and sometimes you can miss enemies because they’re under the joystick.

For even more tactical gameplay, you can choose one of the many items available to your character in Mad Cows’ Maze. These items come in the form of potions, traps, and much more. It takes a little while to remember what each item does, but once you have it figured out they become invaluable while solving mazes.

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As you zip through Mad Cows’ Maze you’ll earn coins that count as points. Game Center integration allows you to connect with friends and compete via leaderboards for the most coins collected and the most levels played. You can also earn up to 41 achievements.

I also want to mention that every single maze in Mad Cows’ Maze is randomly generated. Many maze games don’t include this feature, so players get bored pretty easily and lose interest in completing the same maze over and over again. You’ll never navigate through the same maze twice in this game, which means you can play it over and over again.

In terms of value, you definitely can’t beat the price of free for Mad Cows’ Maze. However, in order to restock potions and other abilities, you need to have rubies. You start out with rubies when you first download the game but you’ll need to scour the mazes for more or purchase packs via in-app purchase if you want to top up your spells and potions.

Overall, Mad Cows’ Maze is a fun and addicting game for iPad that will challenge you and keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s definitely one of the better maze games I’ve seen and I think players will like the high pressure environment of the game.

Mad Cows’ Maze requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.

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Fun to Play

Pretty good!

If maze games are your thing, you definitely have to check out Mad Cows' Maze for iPad. Featuring simplistic gameplay and retro graphics, this challenging game is perfect for players who like high pressure environments.

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