Myst Mobile: A Nostalgic yet Disappointing Dip into the Classic’s Mobile Adaptation

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Myst Mobile, the iOS adaptation of the iconic ’90s game, promised a return to the mind-bending, enigmatic world that many of us remember so fondly. With my expectations high and my fingers crossed for a trip down memory lane, I plunged in. The result? A nostalgic yet often disappointing experience.

Aesthetics: Visuals and Sound Design

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Staying true to the original game, Myst Mobile manages to recapture some of the magic with its visuals and sound design. The beautifully crafted landscapes, the abandoned structures, the hauntingly eerie ambient sounds — these elements all brought me back to the sense of awe and wonder I felt during my first visit to Myst Island. The attention to preserving the game’s original aesthetics is indeed commendable.

Gameplay: Control Mechanics and Interface

However, the nostalgic visuals can’t make up for the game’s core issue: gameplay. Adapting a point-and-click adventure to a mobile touch interface is no easy task, and Myst Mobile unfortunately stumbles in this regard. The point-and-click style of the original game just doesn’t translate well to touch controls. Precise tapping is often required, leading to moments of frustration as you aimlessly tap around the screen, desperately trying to trigger the correct action.

Puzzles: Difficulty and Accessibility

Myst Mobile on the App Store

Myst has always been notorious for its challenging and inventive puzzles, and Myst Mobile faithfully maintains this tradition. However, the lack of a hint system or a difficulty setting makes the game less approachable for new players or those looking for a casual gaming experience. While the die-hard puzzle solvers might enjoy the challenge, others might find themselves hitting a brick wall, with the mobile interface only adding to the frustration.

Performance and Stability

Performance is another stumbling block for Myst Mobile. Despite the relatively simple graphics, the game often lags and loading times can be longer than one would expect from a modern mobile game. Furthermore, the game has a tendency to crash, a flaw that is particularly aggravating when it happens mid-way through a complex puzzle.


Myst Mobile attempts to bring a classic PC gaming experience to the mobile platform, but it falls short of the mark. While it does manage to recreate some aspects of the original game’s mysterious charm, it stumbles with performance issues, a tricky interface, and limited user accessibility.

Even for those with fond memories of the original, the game’s issues make it hard to fully recommend. Nostalgia can be a powerful factor, but in the case of Myst Mobile, it might not be enough to overlook its shortcomings.

Review Summary

Graphics - 6.2
Fun to Play - 7.6
Features - 5.3
Value - 8.2



This mobile adaptation of a great classic is off to a rocky start, but hopefully improvements are on the horizon.

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