Noggin Notes Features Emotion Tracking, a Gratitude Journal, and More

It’s been proven that taking time throughout the day to reflect on emotional well being is incredibly beneficial. Recognizing emotions and understanding them is crucial, and Noggin Notes aims to guide users through this process.

Ripinga Enterprises Limited created the app with mental health in mind. “By logging and tracking these thoughts, your perception towards reality may give you a deeper understanding of your emotions and thought patterns. Having this deeper understanding of yourself, you may subsequently help change your future thought patterns in a more positive way.”

Featuring encouraging motivational quotes and a user-friendly interface, the goal of Noggin Notes is to make it easy to quickly record emotional states using predefined options such as angry, happy, sad, disgusted, etc.

Users can then describe their emotional state in further detail by choosing a more specific emotion related to their first choice. Not only does this help with recording how you’re feeling, but it allows you to further analyze exactly what’s going on.

Noggin Notes also features a gratitude journal where you can quickly jot down things you’re grateful for throughout the day. You’re encouraged to create at least three logs per day to fill the bar.

If you’d like to reflect on the entries you’ve made in Noggin Notes, there’s a timeline page that displays a summary of daily activities. This timeline makes it easy to see how your past days have been and allows you to read your notes.

Forming good habits can be difficult, but Noggin Notes tries to help by encouraging streaks for completing entries in the gratitude journal. The current streak can be seen on the timeline page, and tapping on it opens the journal so you can quickly create a new entry if you’d like.

Lastly, there’s a library of podcasts and articles related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. This is a great resource that’s that is run and hosted by qualified therapists in order to help users better understand and work through emotions.

Noggin Notes is available to download from the App Store and Google Play for free. The app has received positive reviews and ratings on both platforms.

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