Oppicop Is a Challenging Free Arcade Game for iOS

Oppicop is a new game by Martin Pearson for iPhone and iPad. If you enjoy arcade games, this is one you should check out. The game features challenging obstacle avoidance, entertaining animations and sounds, and much more.

When testing Oppicop for this review I immediately thought of difficult and challenging games like Flappy Bird. This is mainly because the goal of Oppicop is similar; survive as long as you can to reach a high score.

Oppicop Features and Gameplay

Oppicop features simple gameplay mechanics. To control the helicopter, tap the left and right side of your screen to change its direction. If you hit an obstacle, the game is over. As you progress, you collect stars that add to your points.

I did notice that the game’s layout doesn’t seem to change when you start a new game, which doesn’t make it very challenging if you’re aware of what’s coming next. I think that randomized maps would make the game even harder to play and a bit more unpredictable.

Graphics are very basic and you won’t find fancy and elaborate animations, but Oppicop is meant to be a simple timekiller. I do like the fact that you can compete with other players around the world, which challenges you to try harder in order to achieve a high score.

Oppicop features Game Center integration, which can be activated by tapping on the “Click to connect global leaderboard” text above your high score.

The only major drawback to Oppicop is that the game does have ads that are always visible at the bottom of the screen. This is sometimes a problem because it’s possible to accidentally tap on the ads and exit the game.

Oppicop does offer the option to disable ads via a $1.99 in-app purchase, which is reasonable if you enjoy playing the game. There are other purchases available such as additional lives and power up bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Oppicop is a great game to try if you’re looking for a challenge. I really like the fact that there are different difficulty levels for even more of a challenge, and Game Center integration is definitely a plus!

Oppicop requires iOS 6 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

A small administrative fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review, which did not influence the reviewer’s opinion

Review Summary

Graphics - 7.8
Fun to Play - 7.7
Features - 6.5
Value - 8.1



Oppicop is a great free game to download if you enjoy arcade games like Flappy Bird.

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  1. Hey there!! despite the reviewer comments Game Center is integrated. You click on the score in the score screen/Highscore screen where it says ‘click to connect to global leaderboard’

    look out for the update in 1 week which give the option of earning the checkpoints for free.

    finish the game and you get a chance to win real prizes!


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