Sam Plays Saxophone Is an Awesome Interactive iPad Book

One of the genres we love most here at iOS App Lists is children’s storybooks. Sam Plays Saxophone is a brand-new interactive book by Cathy Lane Studios that takes kids on a fun journey around the world to help Sam assemble a band.

From the moment I opened the app I could tell Sam Plays Saxophone would be a great interactive book for kids to enjoy. The book features hand drawn art and great animations. Kids can follow along with Sam as he travels from California to New Zealand and Australia in search of other musically inclined animals.

My favorite aspect of Sam Plays Saxophone is the fact that kids and parents can customize the story any which way they like. This includes enabling or disabling narration and sound effects.

Sam Plays Saxophone also includes a handy bookmark that’s always located at the top of the screen for easy menu access. It’s easy to see if you’re looking for it, but the ribbon doesn’t get in the way of reading.

Another cool thing Sam Plays Saxophone features is an activity section for kids. This includes quizzes and musical mini games that are both fun and educational. These activities can be accessed at any time from the main menu, as well.

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When it comes to navigation, I think that kids will have a very easy time switching between pages and interacting with elements on each page. I really like that kids can move items on pages, as well, such as hats and even the characters themselves.

Narration quality is exceptional, too, and I found that everything was very easy to understand. Kids should be able to follow along with the story if narration is enabled.

Regarding privacy, parents will be happy to know that Sam Plays Saxophone is totally free of ads, in-app purchases, and external links. This creates a safe environment for kids where they can learn and explore the book without getting sidetracked.

Overall, Sam Plays Saxophone is a must-have book for kids who love music. Parents will enjoy the fact that the book is educational, as well, and strives to teach kids about various musical instruments and places around the world.

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Sam Plays Saxophone requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.

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Sam Plays Saxophone is a must-have iPad app for kids who are interested in music and other cultures.

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