Star Trek Fleet Command: An In-Depth Review from a Die-Hard Trekkie

Star Trek Fleet Command
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Star Trek Fleet Command has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine. It’s like having a miniature Star Trek universe right in my pocket. For any self-respecting Trekkie with dreams of leading their own starship through epic space battles and challenging diplomatic scenarios, this game might just be the next step for your fandom.

Star Trek Fleet Command on the App Store

Aesthetics: Graphics and Animations

From the get-go, I was stunned by the level of detail in Star Trek Fleet Command. The graphics are rich and immersive, capturing the depth and beauty of the Star Trek universe like few other games on the platform. Iconic starships, including the legendary USS Enterprise and the menacing Klingon Bird-of-Prey, are gorgeously rendered in high definition.

Beyond the starships, the entire universe is beautifully crafted. From orbiting Starbases to distant nebulae, everything is visually stunning. Even the user interface is thoughtfully designed, capturing the high-tech feel of a starship’s control panel without being overly complex.

Gameplay: Strategy and Management

But graphics are only one part of the equation. The gameplay of Star Trek Fleet Command is equally impressive. Resource management, alliance diplomacy, and fleet combat coalesce into a strategic gaming experience that really put me in the captain’s chair.

The resource management aspect of the game involves overseeing your base’s growth and development, ensuring you have enough resources to improve your facilities and construct new ships. It’s a challenging balancing act that mirrors the responsibility of a Starfleet captain.

Navigating the politics of alliances adds another layer of complexity. Working with fellow players to achieve shared goals is rewarding, but diplomacy can be a minefield. A wrong step can lead to galactic war!

Star Trek Fleet Command on the App Store

Narrative and Character Interaction

One aspect of Star Trek that’s always captivated me is its deep and morally nuanced narrative, and Star Trek Fleet Command captures this wonderfully. The story-driven missions provide a multitude of choices that have genuine consequences, lending a sense of gravity to each decision.

Being able to interact with beloved Star Trek characters adds an extra layer of fan service. Sharing a moment with Captain Kirk or Spock, or engaging in a tense standoff with a Romulan commander, brings the Star Trek universe to life in a thrilling way.

The Freemium Aspect

As with many freemium games, Star Trek Fleet Command does have its fair share of in-app purchases. The further you progress, the slower advancement can become without investing some real-world money. It’s not an insurmountable barrier, but it does present a challenge for those who prefer not to pay.


Despite the potential pitfall of its freemium model, Star Trek Fleet Command stands out as a rich and fulfilling Star Trek experience. The gameplay is engaging and thought-provoking, the graphics are breathtaking, and the narrative makes every decision feel consequential.

If you’re a Star Trek fan looking for a deep and immersive journey into the universe you love, set a course for Star Trek Fleet Command – it’s time to engage!

Review Summary

Graphics - 9
Fun to Play - 10
Features - 8.9
Value - 7.7



Star Trek Fleet Command is a great game for Trekkies, but progress is slow for players who don't want to spend real money.

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