Swap Faces 2015 Is a Fun Face Swapping App for iPhone

Group photos are a great way to capture memories, but sometimes you want to do something more with them. Creative projects are great, but what about making them into a hilarious calamity? Swap Faces 2015 does just that by making it easy to turn a group photo into something hysterical.

The “art” of face swapping has been around for quite some time, and there are plenty of iPhone apps available that let users turn group photos into something new. Swap Faces 2015 brings something new to the table by leaving out all of the complex editing tools and fluff, meaning you can swap faces with one tap of a button.

Swap Faces 2015 lets users import a photo to the app from their camera roll. You can also snap the photo from within the app, which is a great way to liven up a party or gathering on the spot.

Once you’ve selected the photo you want to edit, Swap Faces 2015 does the rest. Face swapping is automatic, and users don’t have to worry about dragging and resizing faces.

One thing I do want to mention is that there’s a bit of a caveat with this. While Swap Faces 2015 is a great way to quickly swap faces, the actual quality is a bit lacking. It’s perfect for a quick swap and a good laugh, but users who are looking for something that is darn near flawless should probably pass on the app.

Also, Swap Faces 2015 lets users swap up to 10 faces in a photo. Once the photo has been transformed, users can easily share the final result via Facebook, Twitter, and email, as well as save it to their iPhone camera roll.

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While it’s a great app that does what it’s supposed to, there’s one feature that Swap Faces 2015 is missing that I think would really set it apart from other apps. This is the ability to batch import photos and swap them all at once. Seeing as it’s a one-tap app, this would likely be fairly easy to accomplish.

Overall, Swap Faces 2015 is a decent face swap app that is light on features, but it’s good for a laugh. When it comes to value, $0.99 isn’t a ton of money to put out for a humorous app, but those who are a bit more serious about face swapping should probably look into more comprehensive apps that have a few more features.

Swap Faces 2015 requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

A small fee was paid by the developer for publication of this review

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