The Best iPhone Apps for Managing Your Work Schedule

Keeping track of your work schedule can be tricky if you don’t partake in the “9 to 5 grind”. These work schedule apps for iPhone are designed to make keeping track of your work shifts as easy as can be.

WorkTime: Shift Work Calendar
WorkTime: Shift Work Calendar
by 3498 users
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“Do you work random hours? Then this is the app for you. WorkTime is a shift calendar which tracks your work schedule with incredible ease.

Enter the time you work with simple keypad entry. See your entire work schedule all on one screen. No more hunting around for that scrap of paper you wrote your upcoming shifts on.

• Unique time display calendar lets you see all your shifts at a single glance
• Quickly enter shift start times with just two taps
• Add shifts quickly from your Recent Shifts list
• Add quick notes and reminders
• Share your schedule with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter or Email
• Save your schedule as a photo on your phone
• Share multiple months”

Simple Roster
Simple Roster
by 696 users
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Simple Roster is an easy-to-use electronic rostering app that makes your everyday life easier. With Simple Roster, you never have to bring a paper roster around, and you can simply check your roster anywhere as long as you have your phone around.

Simple Roster is so simple that you will know how to use it in a minute. Using the app is simply intuitive, you will have your roster setup in the app in the first 5 minutes. All rosters and shifts are stored offline in your phone, which means even though you are in a remote area that has no connection, Simple Roster still operates. Simple Roster is designed to be simple and it gets you your information in the least amount of time and least amount of steps.

We understand entering roster electronically is normally “a pain in the ass”, but Simple Roster makes it easy. As soon as your shifts are setup, then you can setup your roster. To setup a roster, simply pick a start date and start entering… few seconds later, you will see your roster displayed on the roster calendar.”

ShiftLife Organizer
ShiftLife Organizer
by 1672 users
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ShiftLife Organizer is the calendar application designed specifically for shift workers.

– Organize your Shifts.
– Record your Hours.
– Calculate your Pay.

ShiftLife provides a clear and easy display of upcoming shifts, training days, holiday, on-call days and other important events.

As well as allowing you to plan your future work & play, ShiftLife also allows you to easily maintain a record of your completed shifts, overtime hours, working locations, hourly pay, total pay, sick days and other details.

ShiftLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation and functionality designed specifically for easy use. This will quickly become one of your indispensable Apps.”

My Shift Planner - Calendar
My Shift Planner - Calendar
by 1123 users
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“Try the Pro features free for 3 days and take advantage of sync, annual leave tracking, icons, reporting and lots more!

My Shift Planner – designed for shift work, and the easiest app in the store to setup.

Do you work shifts? Download now for free and gain back control of your shift work diary.

300,000+ shift workers, from nurses to retail employees, all across the world are already enjoying our shift planning features each day.

What features can we offer a shift worker?
– Automated shift schedules via an easy to use color coded calendar
– Calculates hours, overtime and annual leave via time reports and tracking tools *
– Sync with your device calendar to manage your work, social, and family events in one place.*
– Most common shift patterns and rotas built-in!
– 4 On/4 Off
– DuPont Schedule
– Days/Nights
– Early/Late
– Continental Pattern
– Custom Repeating Patterns
– Non-repeating patterns”

Shift Work Calendar
Shift Work Calendar
by 8342 users
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“There are many people working at the retail trade and the hospital, etc. by the shift work.

Isn’t it convenient to be able to confirm the schedule of your work with iPhone easily quickly? Shift Work Calendar is a useful calendar for such people. It is possible to confirm it by the calendar by easily registering your shift.

Moreover, You can save this calendar as an image, and set it as a wallpaper of the idle screen of iPhone.

– Create amount of shift types
– Easy shifts input
– Notes for any date on calendar with Emoji Icon.
– Save a calendar as an image.
– Send your shifts to others via E-mail.”

Spark - Shift Calendar
Spark - Shift Calendar
by 6686 users
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“The ORIGINAL shift calendar app, simplifying and supporting your work/life balance for over 10 years! Spark by Leaky Nozzle is loaded with fully customizable and user-friendly features and functions utilized everyday by Fire, Police, EMS, Hospital and all types of shift workers across the world. Spark allows you to organize your work and personal life within just ONE app. Our unique “Cloud Connect” system allows you to manage and share your calendar across all platforms, keeping you and your loved ones consistently up to date, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Why Spark? Here is why all of your co-workers are using Spark!

– Our app is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Spark will track and log anything you need or use day to day, such as vacation, sick time, comp time, overtime, education, trades and so much more. Did we forget to include an item that’s important for you to track? NO PROBLEM! We have made it easy for you to add this stat into your personal app. Spark is designed to have all the tools you need to manage your work and personal life, laid out in a sleek and simple-to-use interface that allows you to easily customize it’s features to YOU!

– Your valuable information is SAFE & SECURE! We know how important your information is to you and Spark wants to put your mind at ease. Spark’s unique “Cloud Connect” software allows your shift calendar to sync across multiple devices making it a breeze to update your daily schedule from wherever you are. Cloud Connect also ties all of your encrypted calendar data to your email, so that if you lose, damage, or upgrade your device, Spark makes it as simple as logging back in to the app and your calendar and data are there like you never left it!

– Spark supports thousands of different shift work calendars used across the world. Simply install and open Spark, select one of the pre-loaded department calendars and you’re on your way to simplifying your life. Don’t see your department? No worries! Spark allows you to create and save your department’s schedule, making it easy for your fellow co-workers to install and set up Spark (and they will thank you!).”

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