Think Bilingual Turns Language Learning into an Exciting Game

Think Bilingual is an exciting new app by Interact and Immerse that helps both kids and adults learn key phrases of a new language. This is accomplished through fun games and exercises.

Learning a new language can be an incredibly difficult task, especially if you’re stuck doing so using traditional learning methods such as books. It’s easy to become discouraged, which is why learning a new language should be as fun as possible.

Think Bilingual is a brand-new educational app for iPad that aims to help kids and adults learn key phrases in English, Spanish, and French. One of the really cool things about the app is that it has an actual storyline and and end goal, meaning you’re more likely to continue using the app instead of playing Think Bilingual when it’s convenient.

One of the things I like most about Think Bilingual is that it really functions like a game instead of an educational tool. Players must help an alien family settle into their new lifestyle on earth. This is accomplished by completing tasks such as helping the family choose outfits, driving them around the neighborhood to find a home, and much more.

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When it comes to usability, I found Think Bilingual to be incredibly easy to navigate. Kids shouldn’t have any problems with finding their way around the app. I really like the fact that kids can select from any level instead of having to progressively unlock them. This is perfect for studying specific phrases as needed.

My favorite aspect of Think Bilingual is that it is a variety of games in one, meaning kids are less likely to become bored with repeating the same tasks over and over. There’s also a great amount of variation between tasks, from ordering food at a restaurant to driving a car around town and listening to voice commands.

If you’re wondering how Think Bilingual actually uses language, most of it comes in the form of audio directions that repeat often during the task so you associate the task with that particular phrase. There’s also a handy wordbook that you can access at any time while playing.

Overall, Think Bilingual is a very fun app for iPad that’s great for both kids and adults who are trying to learn English, Spanish, or French. It’s filled with fun activities and definitely feels like more of the game than an educational app.

Think Bilingual requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.

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Think Bilingual! is a fun and educational iPad app that's great for both kids and adults who are learning a new language. It features plenty of games and activities to complete, making learning fun instead of boring.

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