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Do you want to boost your downloads and get the word out about your latest iPhone or iPad app?

iOS App Lists is now offering an app & game promotion service. This is designed to help developers spread the word about their iPhone or iPad app in a news article that’ll be featured on the site, as well as an optional video that demonstrates your latest creation.

Unlike our app reviews, news articles published by iOS App Lists are free of personal opinion or critiques. This is a genuine news article that’s designed to inform the reader of your app or game.

By purchasing a promotion package, you’re helping to support and sustain iOS App Lists so we can continue to publish content and cover operating costs.

Why you should consider a news article for your app

– Spread the word about your creation! This not only includes app or game releases, but major updates and breaking news about your company.

– Exposure not only on iOS App Lists, but major social media services.

– Help your app rank better on popular search engines, increasing your downloads and revenue.

Why choose iOS App Lists?

– iOS App Lists is an established site and has been live for over 8 years. During that time, our audience has grown to 10,000 targeted visitors per month and is increasing exponentially on a regular basis. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

– News articles are published within 5 days of payment. It’s not unusual for articles to be published within 24-48 hours (at no extra charge).

– The article will be posted to our Facebook page and seen by all of our Twitter followers.

– All articles are written with SEO in mind, meaning great search engine rankings for your app.

To submit a news article request:

To purchase a news article via PayPal ($50) – Click Here

If you choose to complete payment directly through PayPal, please return to this form and submit details about your app. Please include your PayPal address, as well, to avoid any mixups.

If you’d rather have a PayPal invoice sent to you, please fill out the news article request form below. Once received, we’ll send an invoice to the email address provided. Please note that the invoice will be canceled if payment is not received within 7 days.

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