Top Parental Control Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2024: A Guide for Digital Safety

With the digital landscape constantly evolving, parents are increasingly looking for effective ways to ensure their children’s safety on devices like iPhones and iPads. Parental control apps have become essential tools for monitoring and managing kids’ online activities. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best parental control apps available, highlighting their key features and benefits.

Norton Family

Norton Family Parental Control
by 1047 users
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    • Features: Provides web monitoring, time supervision, and instant lock features. Alerts parents about potentially harmful online activities and allows for setting educational goals.
    • Benefits: Norton Family excels in tracking overall internet usage and has an intuitive dashboard that gives a comprehensive view of a child’s online activity.


Qustodio Parental Control App
by 5854 users
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    • Features: Offers detailed activity reports, app control, location tracking, and SOS alerts. Also, provides a dedicated panic button for children in emergency situations.
    • Benefits: Qustodio stands out for its extensive reporting and cross-platform compatibility, making it ideal for families with multiple devices.


Parental Control App - OurPact
by 36641 users
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    • Features: Allows parents to block texts, create schedules for screen time, and locate family members. It can also block or allow specific apps and websites.
    • Benefits: OurPact’s strength lies in its flexibility and ease of scheduling, granting parents complete control over device access.


Bark - Parental Controls
by 23119 users
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    • Features: Specializes in monitoring social media, emails, and texts. It alerts parents to issues like cyberbullying, depression, and online predators.
    • Benefits: Bark’s advanced algorithms analyze context and nuances in children’s conversations, providing a more thorough understanding of their online interactions.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS
by 759 users
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    • Features: Offers content filtering, screen time management, and YouTube search history monitoring. It provides battery level alerts and real-time GPS tracking.
    • Benefits: Kaspersky is highly customizable and provides detailed reports, making it ideal for parents who want in-depth insights into their child’s digital habits.

Parental control apps offer a range of features to help parents ensure their children’s digital safety. From content filtering and screen time management to detailed monitoring and emergency alerts, these apps provide the necessary tools to protect children in digital spaces.

It’s important for parents to choose an app that fits their family’s specific needs and to maintain open communication about online safety and responsible device usage with their children.

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